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Metal Name Plates & Engraved Labels

Traffolyte Labels | Steel Labels | Aluminium Labels | Brass Labels

Metal nameplates are an affordable way to reinforce your brand, they allow clients and customers the ability to identify your product readily, they also provide information on operations, safety and instructional procedures. Metal nameplates offer instant recognition in a prestigious manner and are unmatched for their durability and resilience in extreme environments. 


Engraving Services Co are here to assist you in identifying the product, service or process that will:

ESC manufacture labels, nameplates & identification tags, that will enhance your branding as well as provide instruction as required with long life and durability.

Labels come in many forms, from general paper style labels to the high end quality Industrial labels such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Traffolite ( Traffolyte).Our customer service staff and design team are to  available to assist in determining your requirements to design and produce your unique name plates, labels or plaques.

Email us at engrave@engravingservices.com.au or call us on 1300 327 898 today.





Traffolyte Labels, Stainless Steel Labels, Aluminium Labels, Brass Labels : Labels, tags and nameplates for a range of uses and environments :

Traffolyte in interior or exterior grades: UV Stable, long life with a textured or smooth finish for durable highly detailed labels. Ideal for Switchboard labelling, General industrial labelling, Control panels. What we know today as Traffolyte is a dual core or triple core hi impact acrylic and is usually produced under trade-names such as Gravoply and Rowmark. We use these premium brands.

Traffolyte labels , plaques and signs have good durability in exterior applications or moderate to aggressive environments. Care must be taken in ensuring the correct product is requested. Ask our representative to recommend the correct product for your requirements.

Thickness Availability: 1.6 mm, 3 mm by special order.

Brass and Phosphor Bronze: Nameplates and labels: Brass has a refined glow, is non sparking and resistant to corrosion, ideal for marine applications or for non sparking requirements. Enhance your products with Brass labels and nameplates.
Various Brass types are stocked for specialist applications: Including Leaded Brass, Cartridge Brass.

Thickness Availability:  1mm, 1.2 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm,

Anodized Aluminium: Lightweight, contemporary, stylish: Ideal for tough environments, such as marine applications in photo chemical milled, engraved or printed forms , when anodised:
Anodized Aluminum has an anodic layer which can be either Marine grade ( above 20 microns thick ) or General, below 20 microns thick. This Anodic layer offers superior heat, chemical and abrasion resistance, allowing for a highly durable long life label, which is suitable for a range of requirements.
Aluminum labels and nameplates can be used in severe environments, on industrial machinery and equipment.,marine applications, oil and gas fittings, mining , pipe lines.

Thickness Availability: 0.6 mm, 1 mm, 1.6 mm , 2 mm, 3 mm thicknesses


Stainless Steel The ULTIMATE for aggressive environments: A vailable in either Marine grade 316 or 304 grade Stainless Steel. These are Austentic Grade Stainless Steels.
304 General Grade Stainless Steel and 316 Marine Grade have excellent heat and chemical resistance and are ideal for marine, industrial and aggressive or corrosive environments. Stainless Steel is resilient and resists dents and scratches. Extremely tough and durable, ideal for Identification panels, and nameplates, labels and ID tags. Can be welded to other steel surfaces.
316 Corrosion resistance in severe environments is increased by the addition of 2 to 3 % Molybendum and 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel. This grade has higher resistance to Corrosion and chemicals.

Thickness Availability : 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, other thicknesses on request

Call us today with your enquiry or email our friendly sales personnel for your nameplate, label, tag requirements today at engrave@engravingservices.com.au



Electricians and Electrical Contractors
 Do you need
Do you need a company that you can rely on to deliver as required, with friendly and efficient service ?
Call or email us today to place your order or enquire with our fantastic sales team.




Switch board manufacturers, Data Communications, Electrical Installation Contractors, Electricians.


Traffolyte Labelling: Call us today or send us your label layout requirements. If you need super premium products and identification solutions, via Engraving, Printing, Laser engraving. Fast turnaround, Quality service.
Full range of Interior and Exterior Traffolyte labels, plaques, tags and signs available. Large colour range, only Super Premium products are used in our manufacturing process, so you can be guaranteed of quality.
We stock, Gravoply, Rowmark and Duets brands.


Switch plate and Mech Switchs: engraving and marking. Identify that switch with professional engraving and marking. Any colour paint fill. Email us for a quotation.


Light switch engraving: engraved light switches for easy identification. Saves confusion with ganged light switches and allows you to finish off a job with a quality sophisticated look. No more Tacky cheap printed labels to remind your customer of the standard you want to leave them with. We offer a standout solution to assist your presentation to your client. Imagine their delight when they see their mech. switches elegantly identified by their electrical contractor.


Data Communications: Data cabinet identification labelling in a variety of colours.
Industrial Switchgear: ensure permanent identification with tamper proof engraving and paint fill, enquire about our service.


Control Panels: Manufactured to specification: Traffolyte, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminium, Brass:
Control panels for a variety of applications. Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality, Marine:
Precision made, high quality control panels manufactured from your drawings or in cooperation with our design team.
  • Stylish Brass: for elegant surrounds, Hotels, Heritage Buildings Stately homes.
  • Stainless Steel: Heavy Duty for rugged industrial applications: Mines, Off shore and Marine applications.
  • Anodized Aluminium: Stylish yet durable, satin anodised contemporary control panels.
Asset labels: Permanent adhesive micro thin labels, enquire about our quality aluminium asset labels or our micro thin aluminized labels no more paper or cheap tear off synthetic labels, protect assets with tough, durable UV resistant labels from ESC, economical, yet guaranteed for the life of the product.



Safety Signage: Keep your team safe. A full range of custom and stock safety signs are available. Contact us today for a quotation: We can supply:
  • Safety Decals: in a range of sizes; these Decals are printed on a UV stable long life vinyl with super adhesive for maximum adhesion on a range of surfaces.
  • Corflute Safety Signs: Printed,Lightweight Ideal for temporary or permanent applications
  • A.C.M. Aluminium composite material: Printed, Rigid, Light weight, Durable.
  • Aluminium Panel: Printed,Lightweight, highly durable.
  • Photo Chemical Machined Aluminium: Sub Surface chemical etched to depth, paint filled and oven fired for maximum durability: These Safety signs are for extreme situations, where long life and durability are of prime importance: These Safety signs will endure the hardest of knocks, scrapes and a range of hostile weather and environmental conditions, call us today to arrange a quotation for your specific requirements

Contact us for more information at engrave@engravingservices.com.au





Industrial Engraving and marking within manufacturing takes on many forms, it includes products and services, these include
  • Name plates
  • Labels
  • Compliance plates
  • Serial Plates
  • Direct to part or component marking
  • Metal printing and decoration
At ESC we provide these services and more to end users and manufacturers. Whether a large international or a small family business our capabilities in design and identification can be utilised to create the right image and branding for your company. Colour and finishes play an important part in the delivery of various products and we are experts in the field of creating durable, quality and sophisticated branding for our manufacturing partners.


Our services include:
  • Fabrication
  • Screen printing
  • Direct to substrate digital printing
  • Meta-print Aluminium printing
  • Photo chemical milling- Acid etching
  • Ceramic Laser Fusion - Laser marking
  • Laser engraving
  • Laser Cutting
  • Industrial Engraving
  • Routing
  • Spray painting
  • Metal printing
  • Sublimation
Talk to us about the process that can best fit with your needs.



Contact us for more information on engrave@engravingservices.com.au or
  1300 327 898


Engineering is multi faceted and ESC work hand in hand with many skilled Engineering companies to deliver a range of products and services.


  • Die and Moulds: We can produce detailed die and moulds for a variety of stamping and identification processes. Leather stamping, parts moulds.
  • Legend Plates & Mimic Panels: back lit acrylic panels, plastics, stainless steel , aluminium or brass. Your production facilities can be aided by the provision of one of our Legend or mimic panels. Products can be tailored to all environmental requirements for illuminated interior acrylics to materials suited to highly corrosive or exterior applications.
  • Name plates: For Machinery, engineered parts, infrastructure and substrates: Our name plates are created to assist your branding and identification needs in a product specific materials. Brass, copper, aluminium, anodized aluminium, screen printed, etched, sublimated, engraved or cast bronze, enquire now to ask us about the product best suited to your requirements.
  • Labelling: In a variety of configurations based on your specific requirements, whether it be a identification for extreme environments or simply to identify parts in store: ESC can provide you with direct to part marking or labelling to suit.
  • Dials and Rules: Quick and simple measurement of parts or materials is at hand with a dial or rule, created to precise measurements.
  • Control Panels: For a range of industrial environments and requirements. Heavy duty panels for extreme environments and conditions: Oil and Gas, Mining to Public utilities requirements, large panel control boards for water & gas supply or electricity generation facilities.
Contact our sales team today to discuss your engineering identification needs. engrave@engravingservices.com.au or 1300 327 898



Plumbers and Gasfitters utilize our quick turnaround for high quality corrosion resistant identification products. 

  • Valve Tags: In various materials, Brass valve tags for corrosion resistant, spark-proof requirements, Stainless steel tags for corrosive environments, Anodised Aluminium tags for colour identification, traffolyte tags for robust and economical plastic tag requirements
  • Labelling: Gas and plumbing labels from our durable vinyl range. Send in your reqauirements to our sales co ordinator and our designers will send you your layout in a fast turnaround for approval. Our labels are tough, resistant to a range of chemicals and solvents and long lasting, Ensuring enduring information life cycles.
  • Pipemarkers: High quality, extremely durable, multi purpose pipe markers for complete pip marking requirements: ESC Pipemarkers meet Australian Standard AS 1345-1995 for pipeline identification.
  • Stainless Steel tags and wire:  Tough, durable, ideal for corrosive and aggressive environments, a range of stainless steel tags and labels is available: we also provide panduit style labels with cable ties, 316 grade stainless steel wire, swages and associated tools are available. please send through your details via email or contact us to arrange a quotation.
Contact us today at engrave@engravingservices.com.au or  1300 327 898