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At Engraving Services Co. We are fortunate to work alongside Architects, Designers, Civic planners, Local Government, Artisans, Craftsmen and Artists.  Our collaborations have created some stunning contemporary public art works. Eagerly sought out, our capabilities have gained considerable re-known and we are often consulted on a professional level as project managers or problem solvers. Stunning, sophisticated and exquisite processes and finishes allow ESC to be recognised as the go to company for so many sign, design and ad agencies Australia wide to deliver the most effective artistic installation.

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Initial consultation is generally as a result of recommendation or viewing one of our artistic collaborations . We are happy to be engaged at any level of your art or design project and are trusted to ensure total confidentiality is maintained. Our hallmarks are based on  trust, confidence ,dignity and respect, as a result we often work within the chain of many major projects as the prime supplier of components and artistic pieces. Our processes include large format acid etching, laser etching and cutting, engraving, metal and plastics fabrication.

We are often engaged to handle all the challenging parts of a project and therefore work hand in hand with our clients to establish their concepts are adhered to in a step by step process, assisting as much or as little as is required in developing the project.

Our expertise includes:

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