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Stainless Steel Labels for Industrial Applications

Peter Vasic - Sunday, March 03, 2019

Stainless Steel Labels for Industrial Applications

Durable Stainless Steel Labels for Marine and Industrial Applications

Marine Environments:


Off shore oil rigs and Installations, marine craft, ships and defence vessels are constantly under the corrosive elements of Salt spray and abrasion. Standard labels can begin to break down very quickly under those environments and as a result a better quality label is required.


Engraving Services Co produce labels marked by our Ceramic Laser Fusion process, which embeds a glass frit into the surface of the 316 Marine Grade Stainless which will last the lifetime of the label. GUARANTEED.


At ESC we offer various Marine and Industrial grade Stainless Steel name plates and labels, utilising a range of production processes to give you the exact specification for your requirements.

Our most popular label is the 316 Grade, No.4 Finish Brushed stainless label in either 0.7 mm or 0.9mm.

Other thicknesses and finishes are available on request.


Name plates and labels are available with holes for mechanical mounting or 3M and equivalent extreme performance double sided pressure adhesives, designed for demanding environments.


Caustic cleaners create havoc on regular labels, therefore a stronger more durable substrate is required for heavy duty applications such as medical and laboratory requirements. Food processing plants are notorious for being very aggressive environments on labels due to the constant cleaning, scrubbing and decontamination chemicals required to keep a sterile environment.


The life cycle of ESC Stainless Steel labels and nameplates commonly exceed 20+ years in severe locations, therefore you can rest assured that your choice in ESC 316 Grade # 4 Finish labels is the ideal choice for your requirements.


316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel has excellent resistance to corrosion, solvents, chemicals, abrasion and heat and cold. Up to 360 C


ESC Label production:

·         Photo Chemical Etching with paint fill- 2 pack urethanes oven fired: any colour.

·         Ceramic laser Fusion | Black : Glass Frit fusion into Stainless Steel Surface

·         Laser Annealing for Medical and laboratory requirements.

·         Laser Deep engraving

·         Screen printing

School Signs

Peter Vasic - Saturday, February 23, 2019

School signage

Schools need not be boring or frightening places for our children instead they can, and most times they are amazing places of learning and fun for our future generations. The special people who dedicate their lives to teaching have my utmost praise and appreciation for all they do to teach these little people in our lives.

By utilizing the walls, floors and stairs of your school you can create a fun and interesting way of learning for all your students. Any space you have available within your school grounds can be used to educate these precious minds even in the play areas.

Rather than having a blank space, imagine using the floor, stairs and doors to teach children about maths and spelling. Floors and doors can be used to teach angles instead of a protractor, this is something the children would walk through everyday and it can make it fun. A door frame can be used to show vertical and horizontal, stairs for teaching multiplication and blank walls can have the school motto or an inspirational quote.

Or for those kindergarteners who are frightened during those first vital weeks attending school having brightly coloured murals in the classroom with items they will be working on throughout the year, almost like a Where’s Wally for the classroom. Instead of looking for Wally they can look for animals, colours, numbers or letters, the possibilities are endless.

Do you have some creative people on your teaching team ?  Ask them about ideas and let us bring them to life for you.

Falkor a wonderful dog

Peter Vasic - Sunday, February 03, 2019

Good Afternoon Jessica and Mark,

Many thanks to you both for the plaque done in memory of Falkor.

The time and effort you put in to help achieve exactly what was wanted, even before we committed to placing an order, was really appreciated and we are very happy with the result.

Alicia and Des have asked us to forward the following to you -

“Thank you so much for a beautiful memorial plaque. The detail is incredible and depicts our beautiful Falkor perfectly. 

It is such a unique and personalised gift, we have so much pleasure seeing his handsome face everyday from the kitchen window”

Unusual requests: Should we try it or not?

Peter Vasic - Sunday, February 03, 2019

Unusual requests: Should we try it or not?

Working in the Engraving and Signage industry for well over 15 years now and as part of a team with almost 100 years’ experience, we have had some very unusual requests. Many are just too “out there” to talk about, needless to say we will go out of our way to complete your request.

Towards the end of last year, a client came to our showroom wearing a baby carrier holding a therapy doll. I greeted her with a somewhat perplexed look on my face and even a bit of a smirk. This delightful lady smiled right back at me and said “This is going to sound crazy, but can you engrave my baby please” Hence, the conversation began. She told me that her mum is suffering from Dementia and the therapy doll she used to have was stolen from the care facility she lived in. This was extremely distressing for her mum because the doll gave her so much comfort.

Mandy, our client explained that she wanted the dolls name and her mums name engraved onto the body of the doll, our laser technician was shown the doll and agreed that we should be able to do this. We did some research on the doll and the material used and engraved a small test patch. The test was successful, and we proceeded to engrave the rest of what was required for Mandy’s mum.

Upon receiving her new baby Rosemary, Mandy’s mum fell instantly in love.

If you have an unusual object, just ask us, our team will do everything they can to complete your “unusual request”


Some strange requests:

“Will you please engrave my cats’ ear?”                                             YEAH, THAT’S A NO

“ I have my dogs’ ashes can you please glue them to a medallion for me?”                 YES

“Can you please engrave my baby doll?”                                                                    YES

“I need some apples engraved, can you do that?”                                                       YES

“My dogs ashes are in here and I forgot to get engraved before he went I,

 can you do it now?”                                                                                                 YES

Name badges

Peter Vasic - Sunday, February 03, 2019

Name Badges: Identifying people in the workplace

Have you ever been into a department store or a University and you can’t identify who works there? Or you walk up to someone in, let’s say a computer store, if you are like me you think everyone in there looks like a swinging hipster and you ask a total stranger where the camera batteries are. Then they look at you and say “I don’t work here” this shows the importance of Name Badges, the best way to Identify the staff from the customers.

High schools and Universities have many people attending them on a daily basis sometimes the number can be will into the thousands. Having this many people at your institution daily makes identifying staff from students somewhat of a challenge. It can also be a challenge for staff to identify other staff members. The answer is name badges.

It might be the first time you are implementing the use of name badges or you are upgrading older ones. For whatever reason here are a few tips to help you through the process. Check with your administrator’s office or human resources department to ensure that all details required are specified when designing and ordering your badges.

Style:    Name badge styles are varied, and they can be made to any size. It’s important to choose the style that suits your requirements perfectly, one that will give a professional look and at the same time displaying the information needed.  The options available for your custom badges include prestige badge holders in a variety of colours and attachments including pins, magnetic, pin clips, tie clips and even rotating clips. However, for visitors like sales representatives or tradespeople its always good to have reusable badges or lanyards on hand to help your staff identify these people from your students.


Logo/Branding: Having your logo/brand on your badge is a very useful tool when you consider how many people will actually see the name badge. Designing your badges to allow for this will need to be considered when you are choosing a style.

Titles/Additional information: More often than not a title or some extra information is added to a name badge like a job title, a department or if your staff member is new Trainee. These also need to be considered when you are thinking about the style of your name badges.

Because your organisation or institution is unique, your name badges should reflect this, from the colour of your badges to the shape and size its good to have an idea before you place your order. If you are still not sure or have more questions contact our identification specialists to help you through the process.

Donor Dedication Honour walls:

Peter Vasic - Thursday, January 31, 2019

Donor, Dedication or Honour walls:

So, you know when you walk into a hospitals main entrance or visit an Art Gallery or Museum and you see the “Donor Boards” on a wall. These boards have a very specific reason for being there, right where all visitors can see them and that reason is, to show appreciation to the people and groups who have donated to the cause or institution. While these individuals or groups do not expect any rewards for their contribution, recognising their donation on a donor wall is a wonderful way to say Thank You and may inspire others to donate also.

While some of your donors may wish to remain anonymous, the others deserve to be known by the public for their contributions. Recognising this shows there are some people working hard to make the world a better place.

Traditionally, these used to be boards, nowadays many larger establishments are setting up entire walls as “The Donor Wall” These can be designed and produced using many contemporary materials. Glass, stainless steel, copper are just a few of the materials that can give you the most stunning Donor Wall.  Working with your designer or can give us brief of your concept and we will come up with your very own unique Donor Wall.

Advantages to consider updating your donor wall.

Provides the opportunity to move your “Wall” to a better or more appropriate location.

Updating or refreshing your donor wall may have the potential benefit of increasing your donations.

Tell your story in a dynamic way with artwork, a story line, the impact of donations

Increased capacity to recognize more donors

Ease of updating your wall with new donors

May reflect more donor distinction

Institutions and Establishments that have donor walls


Medical Centres


Sports Clubs


Animal Shelters



Art Galleries


 Photo Acknowledgments: Thank you to : Recognition Inc. USA, Gopir, Partners in Recognition USA: Stunning Donor Wall manufacturers in the USA

Opening or commemorative plaques with an artistic flair

Peter Vasic - Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Opening Plaques: Informative or a piece of art in itself.

So, you have just completed your new building or office refurbishment and you want to commemorate the opening with a plaque.

Traditional plaques in either brass or cast bronze are still very common, but these days opening or naming plaques are being designed to look like a piece of art. Using traditional materials like brass and cast bronze and incorporating more contemporary components can turn your plaque into a stunning visual display for your space.

Materials like stainless steel, corten, copper, glass or frosted glass are being used extensively in plaques and signage these days. If your space is completely modern then a traditional cast bronze plaque may not be the way to go, however utilizing more contemporary materials may suit your space better.

It’s all well and good for your designer to deliver an incredible concept to you, but unless your designer has a complete understating of signage limitations you may have a concept that is just not possible. We work closely with designers to teach them what can and can’t be achieved. Supplying full concept drawings with a complete list of materials and design elements is procedure when we are asked to quote on a project.

Opening or dedication plaques don’t need to be boring, just ask us and we can provide you with an artistic twist to a traditional plaque.

Case Study: Osheas Organisation

Peter Vasic - Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Case Study

O’Sheas Organisation


Our client came to us because their office windows were on the boundary of a very busy footpath and this allowed pedestrians to look directly into office area and computer screens. This not only became distracting for staff, but pedestrians could see all details on computer monitors causing major privacy concerns.

The client also wanted to liven up their boardroom with some very motivational sayings for their team and prospective clientele.

Solutions :

 In order to give our client the privacy they required we suggested a frosted vinyl with a design running through it, thus giving them the privacy the needed with a bit of fun included.

For their boardroom, it was decided that a large format digital print with their 8 steps to success proudly displayed for the team and clientele.

Our installer worked with the client to ensure minimal disruption to the client and their staff for a successful delivery of this project.


Everlasting memorial for your beloved angel child.

Peter Vasic - Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This topic is so hard to write as we have personally experienced a loss like this,

so we have an intimate understanding of the grief that comes with losing a child.

Discussing the loss of a baby or small child is such a heartbreaking and tragic subject that it is often not spoken about.   

But to experience this loss first hand is a unique heartbreak not only for parents and siblings

but for the extended family that includes grand parents and friends.

Because you have had so little time to make

everlasting memories with your precious angel,

preparing to say that final goodbye

 and lay them to rest is the hardest thing a parent will ever have to do.

Many parents and grandparents are choosing to create a memorial in their own garden,

a place of tranquility and love where they can sit quietly

and reflect on the time they did have.

Like a footprint in the sand your child will forever leave an imprint on your heart.

Showing compassion and tenderness Engraving Services Co

will help guide you to creating a beautiful

and everlasting memorial for your beloved angel child.

Call us today if you would like to discuss a memorial to your Angel Child.
Ph:1300 327 898

Photoluminescent Egress when it all goes dark

Peter Vasic - Sunday, January 20, 2019

Photoluminescent Egress when it all goes dark

Time ticks very slowly when an emergency presents itself and all the lights are out, therefore it is incumbent on you that all possible escape routes, fire equipment and life saving devices are clearly visible in the dark. Nowhere is this more pertinent than on marine vessels, Defence ships,tankers, ferries, yachts and on their life saving equipment. It is of prime importance also on Oil Rigs and other offshore installations.

The importance of being able to immediately identify all egress points or safety equipment when a power failure occurs is an issue in Australia’s Ports and harbours, therefore ensuring you meet all relevant standards to protect the lives of personnel and public is critical. Lifesaving decisions sometimes require split second actions and none of this is possible without proper Photo luminescent, Glow in the dark Egress markings.

Glow Bug products by Engraving Services Co adhere to IMO and SOLAS standards and identify and see these markings, even when primary and emergency lights fail.

Engraving Services Co Proud suppliers to the ASC/AWD : 

Passengers and crew of any ship must be aware of the evacuation routes available to them from within the vessel. There are usually two types of evacuation routes namely primary and secondary. Primary Evacuation Route is the quickest and easiest way to the assembly/muster station or survival craft. Secondary Evacuation Route is a specially designated exit route for use when the Primary route is unusable

SOLAS 1974 Chapter III Regulation 11.5, Chapter II-2 Regulation 13.1.3 and Regulation require all escape routes to be marked with photoluminescent signs or signs illuminated by emergency light or both. IMO publication IMO-981E indicates that exit signs should comprise of a ‘running man’ pictogram, an arrow and the word ‘Exit’.

SOLAS Chapter II-2, regulation as amended refers to the location markings for fire equipment and requires that they must be photoluminescent or illuminated by emergency lighting.

The benefits of using using photoluminescence (PL) or ‘Glow in the Dark’ over traditional emergency lighting include the “Green” factor as no electricity is used, it is also non-toxic or radioactive. 


Photoluminescence is low maintenance as no requirement is needed for electricity, therefore these products require no ongoing directly connected power to serve their purpose. Powered purely by ambient light or sunlight, the cost savings apart from the lifesaving characteristics are significant.

PL allows darkened places visual egress and warning sign support for up to up to 48 hours in blackout or smoky conditions. The immediate benefits associated with having photoluminescent illumination in Marine vessels, Oil Rigs, Darkened buildings, Subways are evident as evacuation of these locations in times of emergency are significantly shortened.


Photoluminescent egress path marking products and exit signs can be the difference between life and death in the event of a fire as they assist in guiding occupants to safety,illuminating obstacles that may hinder egress in an emergency.