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Why signage is so important to your business!

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Have you ever stopped to think about signage? Whether you own a business or not, just look around. From a name badge or street sign to reception, directional and the iconic billboards of Times Square. Each and every one has a purpose behind it.

Identity and branding.

An integral part of your marketing strategy is your signage, a way to convey your brand to thousands of potential customers and a way to reinforce your brand to your existing customers.  Your exterior signage is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so why not use its prominence to work for you continuously. On premise signage is the most effective yet least expensive form of advertising for small business.

Stand out in the Crowd, Be Different.

Your signage should be as different and unique as you and your business are. The more distinctive your signage is, the more your business will stand out in the crowd.  Design is very important here, so be bold but not wacky the use of colour and imagery will attract attention to your signage but be sure that your message and what you want to convey does not get lost along the way. A good designer will help you through all these steps.


Your sign will have a functional role in that it will be used to advertise your brand and therefore your business, but it will have another purpose where it will direct customers to you and your products. Signage comes in many, many forms and is used for a multitude of reasons including, informing your customers of upcoming sales and promotions, advertising new products and introducing new team members to name just a few.


“Basically, a good sign should be one of your best salespersons. Why? Because an on-premise sign is a permanent asset. Your sign doesn’t sleep, never takes vacations and says whatever you want.”

— Reuben

Like I said before, your exterior signage is working for you all the time, day and night weekends and holidays. Once you have made that initial outlay for your signage there are no ongoing costs associated with this brilliant asset, unless it is a lighted sign, or you change your logo. Unlike other forms of advertising that require maintenance and updating and have ongoing costs this asset should be used to maximise your exposure to new customers and reinforce your brand with existing customers.

Your on-premise signage is also the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising for small business

US Small Business Association

The exposure your exterior signage gives to potential customers as they walk or drive past your building or shopfront is endless. While they might not be ready t to purchase immediately, the constant reinforcement of your brand can mean when they are ready they are more likely to think about you or recommend you to their family and friends.

No matter what type of business you are in, whether it’s a shopfront or an office, some sort of signage is vital to your business. It could be as simple as a brass plaque identifying your practice or an entire new design roll-out for your shopfront or offices.

Willunga Streetscape upgrade - AMAZING

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Objective:  To supply engraved folded brass panels to fit within hardwood timber. The design involved creating an element of the final piece which was timber seats with brass inlaid panels.


Problem:  The engraved panels had two angled folds and needed to fit perfectly onto the timber chairs supplied by the client. There was also a component that was not engraved but was cut and folded to fit on the side of individual timber seats.

The engraving area was on the top of the chair and the complex folds needed to be accounted for when setting the engraving area.

Result: We supplied the client with a folded sample made from 3mm aluminium to ensure it would fit with the timber chair. The client supplied a foam mock up of the chair to enable us to achieve the correct angles on the folds. Once this was achieved a timber chair was supplied to us and an engraved paint filled panel was folded.

An extremely high level of skill and artisanship along with years of experience was required to ensure all components came together perfectly. From the correct placement of the engraving on the panels to ensuring the folds were a perfect fit, this job was completed, and the client was more than impressed with the outcome.


JES Electric Embosser

Peter Vasic - Saturday, November 10, 2018
The JES Electric embosser is generally considered one of the world's finest electric embossers and has found favour in Government departments across the globe. Its ease of use coupled with its massive strength allows the JES Electric Embosser to emboss with precision and repetition all day long.

The JES Electric Embosser is manufactured in Europe and presents the finest in quality and durability. It  has a number of features that stand it apart from other embossers and these include :

  • A Unique and smooth action.
  • Paper jams and break downs are but a distant memory.
  • The JES Electric Embosser is the quietest on the market.
  • Long Reach capabilities that surpass any paper seal on the market.
  • Paper curls into fixture as it is inserted.
  • Adjustable guides can be set to ensure consistent impression placement on multiple docs.
The JES Electric Embosser provides a sure and dependable way to avoid the need to twist and push and force embosser seals to provide a consistent impression and also ensure the possibility of repetitive strain injuries can be eliminated due to the simple press of a button or foot pedal operation.

The JES Electric embosser is available in two models:

  • The Fixed die model
  • The Changeable die set model

The Fixed die model is ideal for the requirements of a fixed die impression requirement, where the impressions or die is to remain the same, without change.

The interchangeable die allows the user to remove and insert various seals for various impressions. A simple system is employed that allows even the least technically minded individual to remove one set and replace with another.

Our clients include Universities, Government departments, Supreme Courts and Legal practices.

The JES Electric Embosser has a safety overload switch internally to prevent damage and automatically resets after a switch off and switch on procedure. It is extremely versatile and can emboss paper,seals and heavy card for the most difficult applications.


Gold Gold Gold

Kathy Vasic - Tuesday, September 25, 2018
       Gold Gold Gold
Engraving Services Co 
Gold Medal at National Awards

On the 13th September 2018 we attended the Bi Annual awards Gala for the ASGA and the SGIAA, which are the national associations that represent our industries. We entered a number of pieces in the Engraving and Router Categories of the Awards and our favourite piece came away with the Gold Medal. This will be proudly displayed with our collection of medals from previous years.

This project was quite challenging as it had several complex folds that had to fit perfectly to routed hardwood timber stools. Our wonderful internal project Co-ordinator Jessica Geale worked closely with the client and our team to ensure the project remained not only on schedule but the intricacies of the folds, placement of the engraving and the final fit was perfect.

Our production team of Steven Hill, Jamie Smale and Mark Noy were all instrumental in ensuring the project was finished to perfection. An extremely high level of skill and artisanship along with years of experience was required to ensure all components met with the client's very high standards
While we are renowned for our industrial engraving we are also commissioned to engage in stunning and challenging artistic and civil installations across Australia.

We are very proud of our team here at Engraving Services Co and you can rest assured that when you trust us to complete your project you are working with a Gold Medal winning team.

What we found when researching

Kathy Vasic - Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Strange, the things you find when you are doing some research online. Recently one of our directors was completing some research for a new project we have coming up, when he came across a number of our photographs (of work we completed) on another company's  website. These images were taken straight from our website and this company was passing off our work as something they manufactured. Needless to say this type of thing happens regularly and often goes undetected, but when you do find it and other company's are trying to pass your work off as their own, it becomes a legal issue.  
One of the first things we did was to have a good look at this website and try to determine if they had stolen any other images and yes there were more, but while looking at this site, a company in the same industry as us, we came across 4 spelling mistakes on the home page. Now I don't know about you, but if I was getting any type of labels, nameplates or signage made I would want to ensure that the company had a good grasp of the English language and could actually spell. 
I know we harp on about signed proofs and the importance of checking every word of the document we send to you, but I can't begin stress enough about how important this step really is. Once the manufacturing process is started there is very little we can do if mistakes are found after this point.

Regardless of where you get your nameplates, labels or signage from make sure you get a proof for approval.

So the moral to this little story is

1. Make sure you check your proof carefully when  it is sent to you.
2. If we have made a mistake, tell us immediately.
3. Don't steal my photos, I will find you :)

Have a great day.

Colour the Past: B-W to Colour Photos

Peter Vasic - Monday, June 25, 2018
Don't let anyone tell you that B & W photos are a snapshot of a bygone era that were intended by the artist or photographer, in essence this is far from the truth as nearly every person taking photographs in the bygone era wanted their loved ones and subjects captured in true natural colour. Unfortunately the era between the 1840's and the mid 1950's locked generations of our families, friends, places and lives into a colourless, morbid time warp.

The eccentricity, laughter and happiness of generations, enslaved to a gray scale morbidity that left the world believing there was a Dark Ages again for over a century.


Life is all about colour, imagine a Rosella with no reds and greens or blues and yellows, or a relative proudly showing their vivid coloured national dress that was captured in drab grays. The opening night of a Block buster Musical near New Yorks' Time Square Neon wonderland all in drab gray.

Colorizing black and white comes with responsibilities and these include a number of understandings coupled with an extensive knowledge base. Being true to era, location and life, means that one must have resources and knowledge that allow the colorization to take on the effect of a natural reproduction and to bring the subjects to life. Not simply a random colour pallete to cover gray tones, but an understanding of the tones of an era.


It is important to be able to have a qualified understanding and resources one can draw on of colours from various eras, fashions, architectural and paint finishing techniques, sign trends,brand colours and popular lighting methods for various eras. Gas gives off a particular glow, neon and it's various shades were popular with different colours, prominent in different decades, car and truck colours, colours and highlight colours for pinstriping on Horse drawn vehicles.
Understanding the glow of light in various hemispheres, as well as seasons, can bring an image to life in a way that simple universal coloring cannot do. 


Colorising photos often brings out details lost in the background haze of grey and can help identify parts of a subject only colour can properly do.


I can faithfully bring an old photo to life and restore the the subject to  a contemporary perception, rather than chaining them to a dark and macabre illusion of a past that in reality never existed within their daily lives.


Our capabilities allow us to deliver your restored and colourized photos in a number of  ways.

  • Coloured Tiles in various sizes : for display
  • Printed Canvas from small to large prints
  • Giclee art paper or photographic prints (archival quality)
  • Meta printed onto High gloss Aluminium substrates for HD quality reproductions
  • Mural size  images- for large areas or impact.
Ideal for :

  • Corporate applications
  • Clubs and associations
  • Personal photographs
  • Man-cave wall images of sporting themes.
Contact us and ask for Peter Vasic on 1300 327 898 or (08) 8269 1364 for further details

Asset Labels and Asset tags

Kathy Vasic - Tuesday, June 12, 2018
It’s that time of year again, when you are either purchasing assets at the end EOFY sales or arranging your purchasing budget for next financial year. Now is the best time to think about how you are going to label each new asset giving you the ability to keep track of it at all times.

Physical assets are integral part of any company and keeping track of them is vitally important to your financial and taxation records. It is not uncommon for a company to have hundreds or even thousands of assets and keeping track of where they are, and their overall condition can be a full time job in itself. From your industrial tools and machinery in the factory to computer monitors in your office, tracking, identifying and controlling these items with asset labels is vital to your company’s bottom line. 

On site use, updating, repairs, sold or stolen, your assets would be unaccounted for without asset labeling. Systems these days give you the ability track your asset from purchase through to disposal and each step in between these two points, including all maintenance done on the item. The history of your asset is easily tracked and reviewed when an asset management system is in place.  For companies that have smaller quantities of assets and do not require tracking a simple engraved or printed asset label is often sufficient for the job. Many items these days can be directly engraved enhancing the security of each item.

When it comes to making a decision regarding the repair or replacement an item, having an asset inventory and control system in place will give you the ability to make more informed decisions when you have the history of each item readily available to you. Keeping track of who, what and where your assets are also helps prevent theft.

Asset management systems with asset tags also have other benefits and these include:
  • Theft prevention and security of items
  • Planning better to reduce downtime for maintenance
  • OHS Compliance
  • Maximise employee and equipment efficiency

Keeping track of the history of your assets by using an asset tag is proven to be a faster, more accurate and less expensive system of collecting data. Asset tags and labels are available in a variety of materials including, aluminium, stainless steel, traffolyte, foil or vinyl. You can choose to have your logo, icons and design elements incorporated into your tags and labels.

Letter Style

Peter Vasic - Thursday, June 07, 2018

letter style:
Term of the Week: Letter Style

The letters in an alphabet have a primary construction pattern that allows 
for easy recognition. That pattern, though, can be rendered in an infinite 
variety of ways or styles. When that style is applied to all of the letters
in the alphabet, it becomes a letter style.

Peter Vasic:

Thank you to my friends at A&E Magazine for their articles and input

Bokeh Effect with Adobe Photoshop

Peter Vasic - Thursday, June 07, 2018

Create a Bokeh Light Effect.

Use a bokeh light effect (large circles, as exemplified above) on an image with a dark background. 
If the background isn’t black, then darken it using Levels.

I dragged the image of the lights onto another layer in my file. Then, set the layer blend mode to screen. 
You may want to make the circles larger or smaller. Experiment to see where the circles fall on the image
and move them around as needed. You may even need to do a horizontal or vertical flip of the bokeh 
for the circles to hit in the right spots.

You may also need to adjust the hue (colour) or saturation of the bokeh layer. Changing the colouring 
of the lights may accent the image better. Once you have everything in your file, you can further experiment. 

At Engraving Services Co we can apply these or any image to a ChromaLuxe photo print
or Tiles in a variety of sizes for a wall feature or Canvas. These type of printed materials can be placed on 
other beautiful products such as a keepsake box with a Happy Mother’s Day or birthday note in the
empty space next to the little girl.

Become inspired by your creative thoughts and see how we can pair your photos with
sublimated products. You’ll find yourself showing off your beautiful photos and keepsakes so beautifully
presented, to family and friends. We utilize Adobe Photoshop  and other software to create beautiful
and heirloom quality memories.

Peter Vasic:  Engraving Services Co

Many Thanks to Jennifer Foy who has over 12 years of experience using Adobe Photoshop.

Screen printed Metals:

Peter Vasic - Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Solvent and UV- Curing inks are durable screen printing inks utilized effectively in decorating metal substrates. Both these type of screen inks have a reputation for delivering prints with vibrant colours that resist handling, abrasion, fading, and a range of environmental factors. When you combine these attributes with highly durable substrates the results are printed substrates that handle their environments for years. High performance screen printing is usually found on substrates such as steel and aluminium.

As a result, Screen printing is used extensively to decorate Metal signs, nameplates, appliance fascias and trim and other metal products.

However, finding products that show premature failure is not difficult especially when dealing with screen shops that find metal screen printing challenging and are generally inexperienced with the variations and idiosyncrasies of the variants in inks and metal substrates.

Knowing your substrate and in many cases understanding that printing onto metals may actually mean printing onto coated metals can make the difference between printing failure and longevity in the long run. Metals often are coated in various coatings. Thermoplastic coatings react entirely different than direct to metal printing.

Utilizing solvent based inks that cure by air drying rather than Cross linking and dry by chemical means by heating can result in a soft, easily scratched product, that shows little durability. heat cured products provide exceptional durability and can deliver highly scratch resistant finishes. Although epoxy based inks that are heat cured can fail rapidly in exterior applications. Utilizing inks with a urethane base will deliver solvent and scratch resistance with a satisfactory UV life cycle. The offset with this type of ink however is it's general lack of overall flexibility, but this is not a major concern when matched to the correct substrate.

Thanks to improvements in raw materials, the range of UV-curable inks for metal printing has expanded considerably, bringing benefits such as resolution, durability, and fast processing to the metal-decorating process. Regardless of whether you use UV formulations or solvent-based inks. Matching the correct ink to the correct substrate is of primary importance and ensuring that the correct curing method is utilized will provide a product that will give years of satisfactory life.

Printing onto coated coated metals; Powder coated, Painted etc. requires the use of inks suitable for the respective substrates and the importance must be placed on whether the substrate is Thermoset or Thermoplastic. Thermoplastic substrates will accept a variety of inks, whereas Thermoset substrates require inks that must be heat cured to adhere properly and give durability.

Issues can crop up as heat cured inks require considerable heat and time sequence to curing process. The higher the temperature and the longer the duration of the curing process, the harder the surface becomes. And the harder the surface, the more difficult it becomes for any ink to adhere as required. A high level of surface hardness is the root of the problem that screen printers encounter in trying to get UV inks to adhere to coated metals.The shrinkage characteristics of UV inks, particularly free-radical varieties, are the main reason these inks have a difficult time adhering to hard, thermoset coatings. Depending on the formulation, a free-radical UV ink film may shrink substantially (up to 50% in some cases) as the ink rapidly cross-links during the curing process.

 The ink film will cure and shrink in only seconds, while the metal substrate and its coating remain basically unchanged. Since the UV ink shrinks very rapidly, stress is placed on the adhesion point between ink and substrate. If the stress is great enough, the ink film can simply pop off the coated metal. In contrast, after a coated metal is printed with a conventional heat-cured solvent ink, the product must be baked at high temperatures for long periods of time in order to soften the surface of the metal coating to some degree and allow the ink to wet the surface better to achieve good adhesion.

As the metal and coating cool, so does the ink film. Any shrinking that takes place occurs in slow stages allowing for good adhesion to be maintained.

Article by Peter Vasic with sincere thanks to Frank Blaco Jnr. and Laura Maybaum of Nazdar Inks for their Major reference materials used for this blog.