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Murals and Custom printed Wallpaper

Peter Vasic - Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bringing the outside in: Using custom printed wallpaper to change the look of your space.

Whether you want an industrial urban look or a peaceful serene rain-forest, updating your space is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Custom wall paper or murals are being installed in office spaces, receptions, schools and many other commercial and domestic areas worldwide.

The ability to create a dynamic and unique wall for your needs is easier than ever. You now have the ability to use your own design or photographs or give us an indication of your ideas and our team will produce the perfect design for you. In other words no more repeated patterns.  From concept to installation your space will be transformed with custom made wallpaper and murals.

Upgrading your reception or waiting area can give your clients a relaxed feel. This can be especially beneficial for doctors of dentists’ surgeries where a level of anxiety is present for patients, studies suggest that landscapes and natural themes like a serene waterfall or sunset can give patients a much more positive experience while waiting.

Imagine a hospital waiting room or paediatrician’s office with a wall mural showing different characters with a list printed down the side. What a great game to play with children as they are waiting to see the doctor. This is easily achieved with digitally printed wallpaper/murals.

This is not limited to medical practices, any office, reception area can be improved with a wonderful feature wall.

Schools can benefit greatly with signage and displays that inspire are attractive and fun. Incorporating your wayfinding signage, décor and safety signs into all areas of the school from the flooring and stairs through to wall art, banners and rooftop signage can allow for a wonderful creative flow and learning experience for students.


Peter Vasic - Tuesday, January 08, 2019



Why do you want to change your signage? This is the most important step. Have you changed your logo? Is your current signage looking drab and outdated?  Does your current signage portray what you do clearly? Do you want to enhance your reputation by rebranding?


So you have made the decision to change your signage and logo, it is really important to look at your brand as a whole and how your customers see you. Are they getting the right message about what you do, this goes for your current and potential new customers? Changing your logo is a huge decision and is often deliberated over for many months, but you need to considerate the costs involved when taking this step. When you do decide to “Rebrand” and open your business with a new sign and logo consider having a relaunch, it’s the perfect way to touch base with your current customers and entice new ones to visit your business.


First and foremost you must consider your budget and talk to your signage provider about the best options open to you that fit within your budget. For most small to medium business this will determine what you can and can’t have. If you have an unlimited budget for signage then you are among the very few businesses who can afford to go all out, therefore you really must be judicious with what you are going to spend on your signage. That is not to say that there are not options available to you. Your signage is your most important advertising tool, it is on show 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year letting your potential customers know where you are and what you can do for them. Look at your overall cost and think about how long you expect your signage to be up for and then divide it by the number of days. Your signage (advertising) could potentially cost you as little as $1.00 a day over a 3 year period for a $1000.00 sign as well as giving your shop a much more appealing look.


Again your budget might give you the final answer to this question, but an illuminated sign can be striking all day long. Consider whether this is really necessary by your opening hours and when your clients, customers are most often looking for you. There has been a switch in recent years from fluorescent to LED lighting which come with a 50,000 hour guarantee and are also a less expensive form of lighting with new products coming on the market all the time.


If you have a clear idea of what you want or if you have seen something you like it is a big advantage when you are considering updating your signage. Our team have a wealth of experience and like nothing more than working with someone who has a clear idea of what they want and because of the experience they are well versed in helping those of you who may not have a clear idea of what they are after or need some inspiration before you make your decision. Colours, fonts and your message to your target market will get you started. If you have a large space, do not try to fill it, less is more! Call or pop in today to discuss your requirements.

Doctors Plaques

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Doctors Plaques:

How do you recognize a Medical Professionals practice?  It is quite a simple premise really, you look for the plaque on their building or wall.

The plaques used by medical professional’s fall under categories such as:

  • Doctor’s Plaques
  • G.P. Plaques
  • Specialists Plaques
  • Ophthalmologist Plaques
  • Psychologist Plaques
  • Psychiatrist Plaques

The list above is just a few of the many specializations and medical options available. The main purpose of these plaques is to signify the professional situated within the practice, but also serves to subtly advertise the qualifications and experience to a degree, of the professional whose name appears on the plaque.

These plaques also serve to promote or create a perception of the significance and expertise that the holder has obtained.

As a result, Doctor Plaques are often created from prestigious metals such as Brass and Bronze.

A quality Brass plaque with a suitably matched wooden backing board goes a long way to presenting a quality impression and announces the Medical professional in a subtle but prestigious manner.

Beautifully crafted plaques with fine timber backing, stained and sealed with long life Nano particle infused clears and either a Brushed Finish or Polished Brass plaque are the ideal companion to many medical practices. The plaques can be left uncoated to be polished regularly or they can be clear coated with an extreme long-life clear protection system UV Supershield to give years of bright and untarnished life, without the need to constantly polish the plaque.

Many Specialists opt for the super prestigious Cast Bronze Plaques or Faux Cast Bronze Plaques. Cast Bronze plaques: define refinement and quality, with a sense of stability and deeply grounded ethics. Cast bronze Plaques convey a classic perception of the highest achievements, reliability, and suggest trust and care in a manner that reflects the station of the specialist being consulted.

Faux Cast Brass is an alternative to a Cast Bronze Plaque, it conveys a similar look, however, allows for the inclusion of much finer detail to the plaques including images and logos.

Brass Plaques :  Brass is without peer as the most popular substrate for Doctors Plaques and Medical Professional’s in general. A Brass with it’s golden hue imbues a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism synonymous with General Practice or other medical fields.

Stainless Steel: has become popular for a more contemporary look favoured by professionals that wish to reflect a more hi tech or sleek face to their practices.

The question we are commonly asked is what type of plaque do I need?  

The answer can be found in the following.

  • What type of medical professional are you?
  • How do you wish your practice to to be perceived on first impression?
  • Do you wish to present a progressive and high- tech practice?
  • Do you need to underline the tradition, heritage and stability of your profession?
  • Do you require a quality timber backing board ?

Once these aspects are determined finalizing the plaque style, Typeface (Font) and finish are relatively simple, and you can then place the order as required.

Thoughtful ways to remember your pet.

Peter Vasic - Monday, December 10, 2018

Thoughtful Ways to Remember Your Pet

When a pet dies, often the owner experiences loss as much as losing a loved one. Our pets grow close to us through the years, so when they’re suddenly no longer with us, it brings great pain and sorrow.

Finding a lasting tribute to a faithful pet is one way you can show your love for them. Gestures like this provide comfort by celebrating the pet’s life and the bond you share. There are so many ways to memorialize your pet. Below, are a few ideas including our favorite-- pet memorials. We take pride in creating custom-made monuments for pet owners. We deliver beautiful pet memorials to fit every budget. This gives us a warm feeling, too, knowing that we’ve helped someone feel better.

How can I celebrate the memory of my pet?

Many pet owners find comfort in memorializing their pets in a number of ways. We hope that this list will be helpful to those who have recently lost a beloved pet.

Create a Memorial Headstone for Your Pet

You could have a special urn made to place your pet’s ashes. We offer some faux stone memorials that have bases large enough for small pet ashes. Adding a heartfelt inscription to the memorial gravestone or plaque can allow others to know how much you cared for your pet and what a wonderful pet they were.

Hold a Memorial Service

Some people hold memorial services at a pet cemetery or their backyard.

Living Memorials

Others prefer to create a living memorial such as planting a flower bed or tree in their honor. You can contact a pet cemetery or park to find out if you can sponsor a tree or memorial bench with a plaque acknowledging your pet.

Crafts and Special Tile Photos

You could also have a special photo tile or Meta photo onto plaque of your pet, so they’ll always be remembered and included in family life. Some people even create a shadow box with the pet’s collar and favorite toys along with photographs of good times. You could also create a scrapbook or collage as a reminder of them.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Helping other pets can bring comfort during this difficult time, and you may find an animal that needs a loving home. You could even consider fostering a rescue animal for a while.

The Animal Welfare League or RSPCA are two worthy shelters and societies to consider.


Online Memorials

Sites such as https://www.facebook.com/PetMemorialsAustralia/ provide online forums to share your thoughts and memories of a passed pet. This creates a place of comfort and compassion for pet owners who have lost their best pals. By expressing your feelings in an online memorial, you can begin the healing process and even converse with other pet owners who share similar experiences.

Set up a Memorial Scholarship

You can contribute to the better good of all pet owners and a vet student by setting up a memorial scholarship at a University check at a Uni in your city that support veterinarian medicine. Some of these University’s will honor your contribution with a plaque, brick, or memorial bench in your pet’s memory.

Rituals of remembrance help us try to make sense of the loss. It helps us take the next step into the new chapter of our changed realities. It’s not uncommon for a pet owner to be emotionally devastated by their pet’s passing. Often people feel blindsided by the enormous wave of emotion and loss they’re feeling. Some even feel ashamed and isolated by how much it affects them because society sometimes dismisses the loss of a pet as minimal compared to the death of a human loved one.

However, many fellow pet owners can relate to these strong feelings of loss and know that losing a pet can possibly be the worst loss a person will ever experience in their lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to start with a ritual or memorial to make sense of how the loss affects us.

How an ESC Pet Memorial can help.

Engraving Services Company offers a variety of pet memorial plaques for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. With our sophisticated engraving and decorating technology, we can capture the loving memories you have for your pet in a custom designed pet memorial plaque, headstone, or keepsake.

Pet lovers contact us often for animal memorial plaques to celebrate their pet's life. For an affordable price, animal lovers can order a stately and personalized plaque in these metals: copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel , bronze, metalgraph exterior plastic or faux  marble and granite. Remembering your pet with a specialized pet memorial plaque will help you encapsulate your fondest memories of your passed and beloved pet. Some of our best sellers for pet memorial plaques are the faux stone memorials and the premium aluminum photo plaques. With the faux stone memorials, you have a choice of three granite effect colors and three plaque options.

These plaques are often placed in gardens to commemorate the beloved pet’s life. You can even scan a photo of your pet (300 DPI .jpg file) and have the image added to your customized pet plaque. The faux stone memorial base can even hold the ashes of a small pet.

The premium aluminum photo plaque produces a stunning photo reproduction of your pet’s image. These photos are monotone and etched into the aluminum which is weather resistant and UV tough.

Our new “Shining light” series exterior memorial Plinths are ideal for a range of Pets and have provision to place your pet’s ashes within them.

Contact us today at (08) 8269 1364 or by email at engrave@engravingservices.com.au.


Peter Vasic - Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Long life labels in a variety of substrates for specific purposes:

Labels come in a variety of formats, substrates and styles. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Ensuring you are aware of the circumstances the label is to be used in will help determine the best product for your requirements.


Stainless Steel labels:

316 Marine grade and 304 General Purpose Stainless Steel are the two most commonly used Steel labels for a range of extreme conditions.

Stainless Steel can be supplied with depth (engraved) with a colour infill.

Stainless Steel can be laser marked or treated with Ceramic Laser fusion | Black.

This leaves and indelible black mark on the S/S which is a ceramic Glass frit fused into the surface of the S/S.

One method has depth, the other is a surface fusing treatment:

316 Marine Grade S/S is for extreme circumstance long life requirements, ideal for environments that are subject to a range of debilitating issues,

  • Salt Spray
  • Corrosive Environments
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Abusive and abrasive environments
  • High Temperature or Freezing Conditions

304 General Purpose Stainless Steel: Is ideal for severe circumstances and can be used in manufacturing or general purpose conditions, whilst still having excellent exterior life..

  • Food processing plants
  • Mining operations
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Automotive
  • Pipelines.

Banding labels, tags, labels, name-plates, signs are destined for long lives exceeding 20 years in a variety of circumstances.

Stainless Steel is available in a range of thicknesses:

Thickness: from 0.7 to 3 mm or more as required.

Finish: #4, 2B, or Polished

Fixings:. include: Wire with crimps, cable ties, screws, VHB (very high bond) double sided adhesives, Stud welded threads to the rear and stainless steel wire with screw connectors.


Anodized Aluminium: 5005 GP Grade is the conventional Aluminium alloy used in industry for the vast majority of applications:

Anodising is 20 microns plus on our products which is Marine Grade thickness.

Aluminium is a light weight material yet robust enough for a range of environments.

Available in a range of colours suitable for colour coding or instant recognition

Aluminium can be supplied with depth (engraved) with a colour infill.

Or supplied so you can stamp your own details into them.

Anodized Aluminium is suitable for medium to long life requirements:

  • They provide resistance to abrasion, chemicals, solvents, and extreme temperatures for increased durability and weather resistance.
  • Mechanical fixing using VHB and/or holes.
  • Colour Fill with large range of colours

Thickness: from 0.6 to 3 mm or more as required.

Finish: Anodized Finish

Colours: Red, Black, Satin Clear, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow/Gold

. include: Wire with crimps, cable ties, screws, VHB (very high bond) double sided adhesives, Stud welded threads to the rear and stainless steel wire with screw connectors.


Brass Tags & Labels

Brass is the generic term for a range of copper-zinc alloys with differing combinations of properties, including strengthmachinabilityductility, wear-resistancehardnesscolour, antimicrobial, electrical and thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

Brass is a non-ferrous metal and will not produce a spark. As a result it is used in industries where this can be a safety issue, the mining industry is a large user of brass labels and tags.  Brass is also an exceptionally durable metal and is commonly specified for valve tags for pipelines in the oil and gas industry.

  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Durable
  • Spark resistant
  • Prestigious golden hue

Thickness: from 1mm to 6 mm or more as required.

Finish: Brushed or Polished

Colours: Brass - Golden tones to reddish coppery tones- range of colour infills available.

Fixings:. include: Wire with crimps, cable ties, screws, VHB (very high bond) double sided adhesives, Stud welded threads to the rear and stainless steel wire with screw connectors.

Phosphor Bronze another alloy based on copper is utilized in shipbuilding and marine environments due to its high corrosion resistance. The material is used in a wide range of applications, particularly in the marine sector in the production of propellers. It is also used in bearings, gears, worm gears, springs and bushes, and also electrical applications and can be found in market sectors such as aerospace, chemical and marine.


Label and tag applications include:

  • Asset & Inventory Labels
  • Safety & Warning Stickers and Decals
  • Machinery & Equipment Labels
  • Compliance Plates
  • Instructional Labels
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Variable Information Labels
  • Blank Labels for On-site Marking
  • Rating plates
  • Instruction labels and plates
  • Adhesive aluminium metal foil labels

Why signage is so important to your business!

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Have you ever stopped to think about signage? Whether you own a business or not, just look around. From a name badge or street sign to reception, directional and the iconic billboards of Times Square. Each and every one has a purpose behind it.

Identity and branding.

An integral part of your marketing strategy is your signage, a way to convey your brand to thousands of potential customers and a way to reinforce your brand to your existing customers.  Your exterior signage is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so why not use its prominence to work for you continuously. On premise signage is the most effective yet least expensive form of advertising for small business.

Stand out in the Crowd, Be Different.

Your signage should be as different and unique as you and your business are. The more distinctive your signage is, the more your business will stand out in the crowd.  Design is very important here, so be bold but not wacky the use of colour and imagery will attract attention to your signage but be sure that your message and what you want to convey does not get lost along the way. A good designer will help you through all these steps.


Your sign will have a functional role in that it will be used to advertise your brand and therefore your business, but it will have another purpose where it will direct customers to you and your products. Signage comes in many, many forms and is used for a multitude of reasons including, informing your customers of upcoming sales and promotions, advertising new products and introducing new team members to name just a few.


“Basically, a good sign should be one of your best salespersons. Why? Because an on-premise sign is a permanent asset. Your sign doesn’t sleep, never takes vacations and says whatever you want.”

— Reuben

Like I said before, your exterior signage is working for you all the time, day and night weekends and holidays. Once you have made that initial outlay for your signage there are no ongoing costs associated with this brilliant asset, unless it is a lighted sign, or you change your logo. Unlike other forms of advertising that require maintenance and updating and have ongoing costs this asset should be used to maximise your exposure to new customers and reinforce your brand with existing customers.

Your on-premise signage is also the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising for small business

US Small Business Association

The exposure your exterior signage gives to potential customers as they walk or drive past your building or shopfront is endless. While they might not be ready t to purchase immediately, the constant reinforcement of your brand can mean when they are ready they are more likely to think about you or recommend you to their family and friends.

No matter what type of business you are in, whether it’s a shopfront or an office, some sort of signage is vital to your business. It could be as simple as a brass plaque identifying your practice or an entire new design roll-out for your shopfront or offices.

Willunga Streetscape upgrade - AMAZING

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Objective:  To supply engraved folded brass panels to fit within hardwood timber. The design involved creating an element of the final piece which was timber seats with brass inlaid panels.


Problem:  The engraved panels had two angled folds and needed to fit perfectly onto the timber chairs supplied by the client. There was also a component that was not engraved but was cut and folded to fit on the side of individual timber seats.

The engraving area was on the top of the chair and the complex folds needed to be accounted for when setting the engraving area.

Result: We supplied the client with a folded sample made from 3mm aluminium to ensure it would fit with the timber chair. The client supplied a foam mock up of the chair to enable us to achieve the correct angles on the folds. Once this was achieved a timber chair was supplied to us and an engraved paint filled panel was folded.

An extremely high level of skill and artisanship along with years of experience was required to ensure all components came together perfectly. From the correct placement of the engraving on the panels to ensuring the folds were a perfect fit, this job was completed, and the client was more than impressed with the outcome.


JES Electric Embosser

Peter Vasic - Saturday, November 10, 2018
The JES Electric embosser is generally considered one of the world's finest electric embossers and has found favour in Government departments across the globe. Its ease of use coupled with its massive strength allows the JES Electric Embosser to emboss with precision and repetition all day long.

The JES Electric Embosser is manufactured in Europe and presents the finest in quality and durability. It  has a number of features that stand it apart from other embossers and these include :

  • A Unique and smooth action.
  • Paper jams and break downs are but a distant memory.
  • The JES Electric Embosser is the quietest on the market.
  • Long Reach capabilities that surpass any paper seal on the market.
  • Paper curls into fixture as it is inserted.
  • Adjustable guides can be set to ensure consistent impression placement on multiple docs.
The JES Electric Embosser provides a sure and dependable way to avoid the need to twist and push and force embosser seals to provide a consistent impression and also ensure the possibility of repetitive strain injuries can be eliminated due to the simple press of a button or foot pedal operation.

The JES Electric embosser is available in two models:

  • The Fixed die model
  • The Changeable die set model

The Fixed die model is ideal for the requirements of a fixed die impression requirement, where the impressions or die is to remain the same, without change.

The interchangeable die allows the user to remove and insert various seals for various impressions. A simple system is employed that allows even the least technically minded individual to remove one set and replace with another.

Our clients include Universities, Government departments, Supreme Courts and Legal practices.

The JES Electric Embosser has a safety overload switch internally to prevent damage and automatically resets after a switch off and switch on procedure. It is extremely versatile and can emboss paper,seals and heavy card for the most difficult applications.


Gold Gold Gold

Kathy Vasic - Tuesday, September 25, 2018
       Gold Gold Gold
Engraving Services Co 
Gold Medal at National Awards

On the 13th September 2018 we attended the Bi Annual awards Gala for the ASGA and the SGIAA, which are the national associations that represent our industries. We entered a number of pieces in the Engraving and Router Categories of the Awards and our favourite piece came away with the Gold Medal. This will be proudly displayed with our collection of medals from previous years.

This project was quite challenging as it had several complex folds that had to fit perfectly to routed hardwood timber stools. Our wonderful internal project Co-ordinator Jessica Geale worked closely with the client and our team to ensure the project remained not only on schedule but the intricacies of the folds, placement of the engraving and the final fit was perfect.

Our production team of Steven Hill, Jamie Smale and Mark Noy were all instrumental in ensuring the project was finished to perfection. An extremely high level of skill and artisanship along with years of experience was required to ensure all components met with the client's very high standards
While we are renowned for our industrial engraving we are also commissioned to engage in stunning and challenging artistic and civil installations across Australia.

We are very proud of our team here at Engraving Services Co and you can rest assured that when you trust us to complete your project you are working with a Gold Medal winning team.

What we found when researching

Kathy Vasic - Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Strange, the things you find when you are doing some research online. Recently one of our directors was completing some research for a new project we have coming up, when he came across a number of our photographs (of work we completed) on another company's  website. These images were taken straight from our website and this company was passing off our work as something they manufactured. Needless to say this type of thing happens regularly and often goes undetected, but when you do find it and other company's are trying to pass your work off as their own, it becomes a legal issue.  
One of the first things we did was to have a good look at this website and try to determine if they had stolen any other images and yes there were more, but while looking at this site, a company in the same industry as us, we came across 4 spelling mistakes on the home page. Now I don't know about you, but if I was getting any type of labels, nameplates or signage made I would want to ensure that the company had a good grasp of the English language and could actually spell. 
I know we harp on about signed proofs and the importance of checking every word of the document we send to you, but I can't begin stress enough about how important this step really is. Once the manufacturing process is started there is very little we can do if mistakes are found after this point.

Regardless of where you get your nameplates, labels or signage from make sure you get a proof for approval.

So the moral to this little story is

1. Make sure you check your proof carefully when  it is sent to you.
2. If we have made a mistake, tell us immediately.
3. Don't steal my photos, I will find you :)

Have a great day.