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Peter Vasic - Tuesday, November 19, 2013
"Traffolyte or traffolite"

has now become the generic name for dual core or triple core hi impact acrylics, or engraving plastics. There are a number of manufacturers worldwide for these plastics, but the most well respected and best quality materials come from the USA, Europe and Australia. Traffolyte is available in a multitude of colour combinations, textures and finish styles including glow in the dark or photo luminescent finishes. Traffolyte is a cost effective medium extensively used in identification or manufacture of products such as control panels, traffolyte labels, door signs, interior signage , exterior signage, warning labels and identification labels. The important points to consider when ordering or purchasing traffolyte labels is their intended use. Many operators offer interior quality or inferior non premium known brands as exterior quality material. The pigment and binders in interior grade Traffolyte is totally unsuitable for exterior exposure and will fade, chalk, curl and crack quite quickly in exterior applications. There is no substitute for the correct materials for the proper applications. Always deal with reputable engravers or nameplate manufacturers and advise them of your requirements. Traffolyte can also be used for a variety of decorative signage, door name plate, honour roll applications. It is available in various thicknesses and can also be ordered in woodgrain finishes.

Industries that commonly utilize Traffolyte for labels include, Electrical, Automation, Plumbing, Electronics, Mining, Engineering, Manufacturing. Decorative Traffolyte is used extensively in Offices, Retail, Financial sectors and Medical.

Traffolyte is excellent for door name plates, desk nameplates, modular sign systems, name badges, name plates,

Quality manufacturers of "Traffolyte" or high impact dual core acrylics include, Rowmark, IPI and Gravograph.

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Exquisite Reception Signs & Signage | Engraving Services Co

Jacqui Nuske - Thursday, February 03, 2011

Brand design legend, Walter Landor once said, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind”. A product is simply something arranged that can be copied by a competitor, but a brand is unique and has the potential to be timeless. Creating a brand is as hard as crafting a reputation in the market, but signage like company logos, images, slogans, etc help in achieving the right atmosphere in the company. Thus, a way to start on being a brand is by acquiring the ideal reception signs.

The reception area of any company is its so-called face. It’s the place where the first meeting happens and most importantly it is where the first impression is made on the client. Everyone knows the importance of making a good first impression in the business world. Hence, the company wants to, not just make a lasting impression on its consumer, but also instil confidence in the clients mind about the company, create the desired ambience in the reception area, and make a statement. To achieve all these requirements, reception signs come extremely handy. Reception signage helps the company to showcase its image, corporate identity and brand value while also making the ambience pleasant for visitors and employees alike.

In the competitive world of today, companies no longer want to be just professional, but also stylish. Every company wants to be remembered for something extra that they have above the competition in the market. A creative office space can do the job better than any meeting. Reception signage comes in a range of designs to suit the concerned premises. From designs that display the aspired corporate image to company logos to simple directional panels, the selection is endless. Companies that make a wide range of reception signs customize it as per the client requirements of colour, design, shape and pattern. Some companies may even help in designing the signs by keeping in mind your business and target clientele.

Reception signs are your primary marketing tool as they are the first impression your clients will have in interactions with your company, business or brand. These signs can be the first opportunity that you have in relaxing or preparing your client for your interaction. A warm welcome sign can change the way your consumer views your business. It can assure him of the kind of personalised service he is signing on for. A well-designed reception area can turn an otherwise ordinary office space into a place where clients can witness the sophisticated brand image of your company. The end result leads to a comfortable, contemporary work space, where employees can feel confident and proud of their surroundings.

The end result is a more receptive and welcoming environment and the re assurance that one is dealing with a professional business.