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Humour Series: Sergei Popachekoff talks Leaderboard Modular Sign Systems

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Humour Series: Sergei Popachekoff talks Leaderboard Modular Sign Systems for Engraving Services Co.
Leader board is a modular sign system for offices, office buildings, medical centres, legal practices, schools, universities, hotels, motels.

Click on the Link below to see Sergei talk Leaderboard.


Engraved Signs|Outdoor Signs|Display Signs|Directory System

Jacqui Nuske - Thursday, November 25, 2010

Engraved signs are evident everywhere you look in Australia:  in shopping centres, transport hubs, commercial offices and industrial plants. Directional signage is critical, both indoors and outdoors, in factories, hospitals, airports and on the roads. Health and safety signs are vital to satisfy legislative requirements, to prevent accidents and to make life cleaner and easier.  

Directory systems, i.e. signboards that list building occupants and their locations are used in universities, government departments, military bases and commercial offices... Signs can be designed and constructed in any size, colour or material in a variety of designs. Even 3D requirements can be accommodated including multi-layered laser cut metal signs. There are really attractive signage options available for reception and lobby areas that can enhance a Company’s brand image.  

For outdoor use customers rely on engraved signs for their longevity and on the quality of materials that are used. Brass is favoured, as well as stainless steel and aluminum. Indoors, wood is the material of choice as it is projects an elegant and natural image, whether in veneer or Pine or Jarrah. It is used extensively in hotels, restaurants and shops to highlight a quality product or service.  Functional sliding signs can be produced in any material for office doors and bathroom facilities and many of the standard safety signs are stock items.      

Most reputable sign engraving companies offer a complete design-to-production service for all architectural signage, working with the client from conception through to installation. They can even design from your sketch and advise you on the best use of materials for your application. Your own logo or design images can be digitally scanned and applied using precision computerised engraving techniques.  

Look for an established and experienced technology-savvy signage company that has experience in your exact area of need and that works in-house with highly trained personnel.  Accuracy and attention to detail are critical especially when working with expensive materials. Make sure that your supplier understands your requirements and that you sign off the sample or proof prior to going ahead with manufacture. If the error is yours, if could be costly.

Top companies in this field are responsive to your needs and transact and communicate with their customers on-line saving you time and money. Value-added after sales services include advice on maintenance, installation instructions and what to do if you have a query. You can ask the supplier for testimonials and references, especially where a big cost outlay is planned. Engraved signs are easily obtained in Australia, look for a well-respected and accredited supplier.

Door Signs & Desk Name Plates: Engraving Services ©

Jacqui Nuske - Saturday, October 30, 2010

Personalized desk plates, many lovingly crafted by gifted artisans in Australia, show your professionalism and enhance your business profile. Organizations can select a style and material appropriate to their budget to provide name plates for all their office and corporate staff which reflect their business brand. Name plates apart from identifying a person with their name and position, also impart that immediate first opportunity to convey professionalism.

Desk nameplates are available in a number of finishes and designs from Aluminium to Polished Piano finish timber desk statements, un-mistakenly announcing the significance of the name-bearer.

Traditionally the first few moments to impress are the most significant in conveying your message of prestige, stature and sophistication. Desk Nameplates signify a person’s importance to colleagues, to current and potential clients when they enter an office. The finest purveyors will assist you with design and layout and will provide quotes quickly to enable you to make your selection. Your Company’s logo can even be added using your own artwork ensuring correct positioning and colour requirements. 

There is no end to the choices available, any material, any colour or font, any size or style at all price points. Desk name plates are easily customized so if you see a design you like it is easy to reproduce it. You can select your own text and font so that it comes out exactly as you want it. Most reliable suppliers meet their commitments to delivery in the quickest practical turn around times. Insist on signing off the proof so that there are no spelling mistakes. 

Individuals wanting to purchase a custom-made name plate for themselves can select from a very wide range of up-market materials such as walnut or rosewood, brass or stainless steel, or a combination of both. Satin-anodized Aluminium, is very popular, engraved in black, gold and satin natural or consider an etched marble nameplate which can double as a paperweight. Executives can select from a range of premium products that reflect their personality and lifestyle.

Many people cherish their achievements, their title reflects the effort and dedication required to make it. Providing this information on a desk nameplate is always valuable in both projecting one’s position and also indicating what it is that you are responsible for. Why not order one that says “Employee of the month” and make someone’s day? Seek out a service provider that values accuracy and precision in their work and delivers on time.


Click here to view our Desk Name Plate Catalog

Engraving of desk plates is very versatile and affordable, there’s an ideal selection available for purchasers not only in Australia, but worldwide.