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Aluminium Labels and tags: Engraving Services Co

Peter Vasic - Sunday, December 01, 2013

AluminiumTags, Aluminium Name Plates, Aluminium Labels: Light, easily stamped, Corrosion resistant,Highly corrosion resistant when Anodized: Aluminium is an ideal name plate or label substrate. The beauty of Aluminium is its ease of Stamping on site and is ideal in moderate to severe environments: commonly used in Mining, Oil and Gas, Defence applications it is ideal for pipe line identification or asset labelling. We utilize a number of marking methods with Aluminium, these include:

  • Screen printing - four colour or more printing
  • Photo chemical milling- Gives depth and colour coding - excellent for severe locations and long term identification applications
  • Engraving - 
  • Meta printing: Our proprietary Printing process: Full colour processing
  • Photo Anodising: the sub surface printing of Aluminium, locked into an anodised coating:
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Brass Plaque Engraving : ENGRAVING SERVICES ©

Sam Kohli - Thursday, November 04, 2010

Brass plaques :

are really square measure a wonderful approach to create an enduring impact as a result of they are very versatile, fashionable likewise as lasting. Brass are going to be the materials of preference concerning memorials at the side of lasting tributes, equally within likewise as outside. This built-in value involving Brass are often boosted boundlessly by its determined association having Gold. The terribly characteristics involving its valuable lustre and its explicit shining hued, give Brass of that explicit positioned all told of the cultures everywhere the globe. This clearly suggests associate awareness of involving security, esteem likewise because the aristocracy. This specific natural process involving wonderful style newlyweds having a projection involving toughness, expertness and trust, likewise as groundwork of that entails “we square measure typically the subsequent likewise as wish to be”.

Out of doors imprinted brass plaques square measure utilised whereas memorials:
in yard benches likewise as inside centre property in memorial wall house. they may be employed by marking doors, property volumes, and will become suited to plinths at the side of toned sorts of surface. These reasonably plaques square measure typically thicker sturdy brass, for the most part they need got beveled ends. There're future likewise as resilient, on the market in distinctive thicknesses, and will become mounted on tree limits or in solid wood mounts creating use of chosen timbers as well as cherry or teak. World category engravers provide to settle on edgings at the side of custom created history completes.

Indoors you'll discover lots of employs, brass plaques can be mounted so as to accolades likewise as commemorating merchandise, souvenirs, given pictures likewise as certification. name involving high flyers operative, activity and the martial arts are often achieved this way; the award can be maintained permanently. and the engravers will actually use any sensible graphics like art logos to supply a refined finished item and the plaques can be placed on the bulk of toned sorts of surface like wood, plastic likewise as laminates. Jewelers likewise as real skilled surprise stores work with modest plaques so as to brighten likewise as customise fragile speech cardboard boxes.

Several differing approaches square measure utilised in keeping with the app. Deeply imprinted text letters can be paint-filled having any shade, you must utilize any font and maybe they're terribly clear. Unpainted sturdy imprinted piece of writing is implausibly refined and sometimes used if a lots a lot of delicate impact is needed. Diamond dragged text letters can be etching significantly little, beneath 10mm, though isn't color packed.

Brass lends themselves with a particular exposure chemical substance edge (Acid etching or exposure etching) treatment, this type of remarkably complicated approach to Brass plaque generation can enable associate array of distinctive facet effects likewise as models to become reached. as an example , etching piece of writing within the standard imprinted style or reversed therefore the deatailed are often etching on the market within the sort of the Solid Brass Plaque. pictures likewise as graphics can be given to systematically indicate the initial footage. These reasonably procedures square measure sometimes solely getable as a results of remarkably specific likewise as practiced Etching fabricators since the skills likewise as procedures presently used square measure typically remarkably complicated likewise as created having a powerful understanding of chemical substance formulation. Plaques, massive or modest, gift a longtime impression likewise as a apparent identity. Keep plaque recent by sprucing it typically having a urged brass clean to minimize tarnishing or elicit the employment of progressive plastic apparent coatings concerning entire outside protection up against the parts and they are progressing to incentive someone for associate extended time.

Select an honest engraver or exposure chemical substance edge business having a good name concerning accuracy and dependableness likewise as services responsiveness whereas you're eager to purchase the commemorating plaque.

Top suppliers of brass plaques in Australia can supply worldwide and will advise you on size, design, mounting, finishing and installation and will custom-make to your requirements.

Engraving services for the defence industry|Engraving Services Co

Jacqui Nuske - Saturday, October 09, 2010

High precision, accuracy and durability are top-of-mind and key criteria when sourcing engraving services for the defence industry. The needs of the army, navy and air force are many and varied, from safety instructions and identification plates to directional signage: on materials which are as soft as leather to tough metals such as armored steel.   

Marking and identification techniques for the military

Identification, labeling and engraving services that are designed for use in heavy industries have now become very specialized. The best engravers select the most appropriate engraving methods, be it chemical, mechanical or laser. Laser marking can be controlled very accurately, allowing for a variety of effects to be achieved by physically altering the surface of the material used. The choice of method and material is highly dependent on the application and its intended lifespan. Signage for temporary military bases requires a different solution to that needed on naval yards. Engraving can be done on almost any material from stainless steel to nylon fabric, to any size and to any depth through the use of the latest computer and digital technology.

Advances in technology

Laser precision engraving has provided numerous advances in the engraving industry including deeper marking, smaller characters and high definition.  Companies providing these services use computer aided design (CAD) and computer-controlled laser beams to mark the surface of materials such as metals, foam, glass, stone and rubber. This process allows companies to imprint logos, bar-codes, designs and script directly onto different types of products in a cost-effective way. Engraving can be done in three dimensions and on curved surfaces, ideal for navy ships and aircraft bodies.  It is even possible to engrave on Kevlar body armor, tires and extra small applications such as asset tags and micro-thin labels.

Quality, specifications and accuracy    

Military requirements are very specific and allow no margin for error, for lives are at stake. One wrong digit or misspelling can mean disaster on dials, control panels and in operating instructions.  Barcodes are applied to vehicles, people and other moveable assets to track their movements and locate them on a real-time basis.  Defence forces worldwide and their main contractors rely on carefully vetted and pre-qualified suppliers that have proven track records in working to military specifications and industry standards.   

An eye for precision and attention to detail are traits that are prized in this industry. Highly trained staff that have extensive experience in identification and marking techniques are employed by the specialist suppliers to deliver “A” grade engraving services for the defence industry.