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Professional Plaques

Peter Vasic - Monday, January 30, 2017
Professional Plaques encompass a range of different materials and substrates. The prime purpose of a plaque is to inform and that can be broken down into some sub requirements:
  • Advertise
  • Promote
  • Create a perception
  • Deliver a sense of stability, trust and reliability
The question we are commonly asked is what type of plaque do I need ?  The answer can be found in the following.
  • What type of profession are you in ?
  • Do you require a plaque that exudes, distinction, tradition and  stable foundations ?
  • Do you require a plaque that promotes an air of modernity and progressiveness
  • Do you wish to convey,trust, success and a perception of longevity in service ?
Once you have established the perception you wish to convey, you then need to define the message or title and the type style ( Font ) you wish to convey it with.

Various materials  or substrates convey different perceptions.
  • Cast Bronze plaques: are generally perceived as the pinnacle in defining a sense of foundation, longevity and distinction: Generally utilized by Legal Firms or other professional practices that wish to convey class and stability with a perception of long lived success.
  • Brass Plaques :  Brass is the most popular substrate for Professional plaques and has long been popular due to it's ability to convey a perception of refinement, quality and distinction. The Golden hues are lustrous and show the client they can rest assured they are in successful trusted hands. 
  • Stainless Steel: is a contemporary metal, it lets your clients know your practice is at the forefront of current technology and ideas, whilst at the same time delivering a hi tech modern face to your profession.
Cast Bronze Plaque.  Brass Plaque.  Stainless Steel Plaque.

Professional plaques are often named by their professions rather than the type of metal they are made from:

  • Doctor's Plaques
  • Lawyer's Plaques
  • Attorney plaques
  • Veterinarians plaque
  • Chiropractors plaque
  • Alternative medicine practitioners plaque
  • Medical practice plaque
"Faux" Cast Brass is an alternative to a Cast Bronze Plaque, it conveys a similar look, however allows for the inclusion of much finer detail to the plaques including images and logos.
Faux cast Brass 

Durability Counts - Industrial labels & Nameplates

Peter Vasic - Friday, January 27, 2017

Durability Matters, we are often asked about the durability of our name plates and industrial labels, many of our clients think that because someone sells a nameplate or label and they make a claim about the durability of the plate or label, that somehow they are automatically covered in a protective cloak of durability fairy dust and that the name plates will last as long as the unsubstantiated claims by the local engraver or name plate maker gives you. We often hear, “All name plates are the same “, “We know, as we have done our due diligence and all engravers are the same. “ Therefore, whatever you tell us is simply marketing hype.

Then six months or to give credit, within 12 months, we get a phone call or email, the name of the enquirer is familiar and then the nameplate or label artwork shows us who the original enquiry was from. Inevitably the bottom line was the only concern, but we also hear “These plates have to represent, Value, Quality and be Competitive”.  99% of the time this is code for “Give me your Cheapest Price as all Name plates are the same.”

BE WARNED!  Many Engravers, name plate producers and trophy shops simply do not have the knowledge or facilities for protective coatings or production systems to develop, test and authenticate the products they make. Most rely on the literature from overseas manufacturers or second hand knowledge from local suppliers of substrates or a variety of unmatched coatings or protective systems.

They tell you what you want to hear, based on the premise that you believe “All name plates and Engravers are the same. “ They then hit you where you want to be targeted; “Of course these name plates represent value!”, The bottom line is reviewed ( the belief that what you are being told is covered in magic protective fairy dust ) and as we so well know due diligence is complete.

At Engraving Services Co, we have had a long and proud tradition and history in the manufacture of Name plates and labels and protective coatings: YES we manufacture our own coatings! We also have our own exposure facilities for the testing of our products, our competitor’s products and the same base systems and substrates our competitors peddle. As a result we try our best to educate our clients about longevity and durability of our industrial labels or nameplates as their lives are numbered in years rather than months or as we have seen, in weeks. Australia’s climate is tortuous on substrates. The UV levels are Extreme and the driving rains, tropical weather, marine exposure or freezing conditions simply destroy competitor low balled products.. No one likes to spend money on a product, then turn around and have to replace that same product a year later.

Our products are manufactured to high quality standards, based on our testing and thorough knowledge of protective coatings and substrate technologies; we understand the science and the sophisticated interactions, between various substrates, protective systems, paints, inks and adhesion protocols for paints, primers and top coats. These are all exposed in our own Exposure racks to criteria as per National standards authorities.

Nothing beats a robust, durable, long life product, especially when safety relies on the ability to still read markings, engravings or messages, years down the line.

At ESC our standards of manufacture, our experienced team and our testing procedures have earned us Authority in the industry. The end result is products you can rely on in any circumstance or environment, across Australia.

Commemorating your loved one

Kathy Vasic - Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Creating a memorial plaque for someone close to you is a very intimate and personal task to take on. Capturing all you want to convey can become daunting when you are limited to the size of the plaque, this is where many of us will use a favourite saying of the person they are commemorating or a quote that describes them. A photograph can also be incorporated into the design of your plaque. Your plaque will become a wonderful lasting commemoration of your lost loved one.

Port Adelaide Football Club The Invincibles 1914

Peter Vasic - Thursday, November 24, 2016

This amazing colourized Image of the 1914 Port Adelaide Football Club Team, was painstakingly produced by Peter Vasic as part of a Historic series. The ‘Invincibles’ as they became known, were the first ever team from one of Australia’s three equivalent major league competitions, the SAFL ( SANFL), the WAFL and the VFL (AFL) to have gone through the season undefeated. The remarkable achievement was made even more so when the true facts of their results are laid out.
Port won all its 14 SAFL games by an average margin of 49 points. The clubs senior side did not lose a game from June 21st 1913 through to July 15th 1915.

 The 1914 SAFL Grand Final resulted in a massive win to Port Adelaide where they held North Adelaide to a single goal for the match 13.15 (93) to 1.8 (14). The club then played VFL premiers Carlton on Adelaide Oval for the ‘Champions of Australia’ title, defeating the Victorian club 9.16 (70) to 5.6 (36). At seasons’ end the SAFL fielded a combined state team from the six other SAFL clubs to play Port Adelaide, but the "Invincibles" crushed the rest of the league by 14.14 (98) to South Australia's 5.10 (40). 

Port Adelaide supplied both the league’s best and fairest player The Magarey Medallist ; Jack Ashley and the League’s Leading Goal scorer, Jack Dunn with 33 Goals.

As a result this team has been put in First position in the series that will ensue featuring colourized versions of the Port Adelaide Football Club sides from the 1880’s until the mid 1950’s.

Peter has spent many years in the paint and decorating, design and signage industries and has an excellent working knowledge of heritage colour schemes, fashions and colours used in sign systems over time. This knowledge, his passion for South Australian Football history and his research allow him to as faithfully as possible replicate colours as close to era as possible.

Pet Memorials

Peter Vasic - Thursday, November 10, 2016
How much hurt does your heart feel when you lose a beloved pet ? How much do you miss them when they are gone ? Most times the pain is immeasurable and we long for their loving presence.
There are many ways to recognise or remember our beloved past pets and in ways that make us smile and keep them close to our hearts.
Some of us retain our pets name tags or registration labels, others keep a photo in an album or online.
Often we step out into our gardens and it then that the sounds, and smells trigger those warm loving memories that suddenly wash over us. However as time goes by our memories fade and those beautiful pets that once shared our lives begin to dim in our senses.
At ESC we deliver lovingly crafted memorials that allow our beloved pets to remain at the forefront of our memories with our Eternal Memory Pet Memorial Plaques.
These plaques can be placed with a degree of reverence and respect in a solemn quiet place in your garden or special place and each time you pass by or visit those Golden Memories and your tears of love can flow together. Remembering your precious , beloved pet, your furry friend can now be as simple as contacting ESC to find the best pet memorial for your needs. 
Call us or email us today to see how we can assist with your precious pet memorial plaque.


Earliest Evidence of Engravings.

Kathy Vasic - Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Simple facts from ESC.

Did you know that the earliest evidence of engraving is said to have dated back to between 430,000 and 540,000 years ago. These engravings or etchings were found on a fossilized shell on the island of Indonesia. 
Although fossilized this shows you how long engraving or etching can last.

Nameplates for Identification

Kathy Vasic - Monday, October 17, 2016

Nameplates for Identification


Labels and tags


ESC has been delivering labels and tags to the Australian industry since 1968 and since then has become the go to company for 1000s of manufacturers, electricians and plumbers along with industries like oil and gas, mining and defence. We are proud to have been chosen by these companies to supply them with such a vital part of their production.


Industry these days are, more often than not, looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to partner with for their supply of labels and tags. One that manufactures the absolute highest quality items based on your unique specifications and lead time. So when you are choosing your supplier find one that delivers quality, precise products and is consistent with their delivery times or better yet early and can work within your budget. Finding a supplier who can deliver these points can go a long way towards saving you stress and frustrations.


By reading through this article and asking the right questions you may avoid some very common mistakes made when ordering your labels and tags. Your supplier should also be able to help guide you towards the best material and process for your finished product.


One of the most common mistake made when ordering labels and tags is thinking that a low cost or cheap tag will do the job, this can result in a costly exercise when the label/tag starts to deteriorate in a very short period of time, and they need to be replaced, especially when the label/tag is in an extreme environment. Consider the following points prior to ordering your labels/tags.

What is the environment are they going to be used in.


Interior -  Electrical work (non-conductive material will be required) Plumbing, labelling of equipment (Computers, printers, asset management). Or in the interior of a vehicle or piece of heavy machinery.

Exterior – Will they be in a harsh or corrosive environment like the waterside, in direct sun or a high traffic area?

Visibility – Will these label/tags need to be visible from a distance or colour coded. Will the text need to be a size that can be read from a distance?

Once these points have been established it is then a question of material and what sort of life is expected from your labels/tags.


Once again, Interior – Electrical, plumbing, asset labelling is, more often than not, made using an engraved plastic, which under normal circumstances can give you at a lifespan of at least 15 to 25 years. But if you require a label/tag that is going to be used on the interior of, let’s say for example, a yacht or boat of some sort you need to consider the harsh environment the label/tag will be exposed to, (the corrosive effects of salt in sea spray) In this case it may well be better to use aluminium or stainless steel.

Exterior – What type of environment are they going to be in? Near the ocean, in the outback, under cover or in an environment with a lot of humidity or high rainfall and what sort of lifespan is required from them? The use of aluminium, stainless steel or brass are the most common materials used under these conditions.


Stainless Steel – Durable, corrosion, chemical and rust resistant, available in in various thicknesses and alloys and is heat and scratch resistant. This is used widely for:


Valve Tags

Compliance plates

Asset Tags

Serial Plates

Instruction Panels

Warning Labels

VIN Plates

Chain Tags

Control Panels

Gauges and Rulers

Serial Plates

Rating Plates

Brand Identification


Aluminium – Durable, Light, oxidation and rust resistant, available in various thicknesses and alloys. Can be painted to suit brand identity. Some applications were aluminium is used;


Valve Tags

Compliance plates

Asset Tags

Serial Plates

Instruction Panels

Warning Labels

VIN Plates

Chain Tags

Control Panels

Gauges and Rulers

Serial Plates

Rating Plates

Brand Identification


Anodized Aluminium – (Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the surface into a durable, corrosion and oxide resistant or decorative finish.) Durable with an increased resistance to corrosion and wear, various thicknesses and a variety of colour options are available and allows paint primers and glues to adhere better than to bare metal. Anodized Aluminium is widely used for


Machinery and Instrument labelling

VIN and Modification Plates

Pet Tags

Valve tags

Compliance Plates

Asset tags

Instruction Panels

Serialised Plates

Fire Door Rating Plates

Promotional Items



Brass - Brass is one of those metals that does not spark due to the stiffness of the metal, If it does spark it there is very little heat energy that could be an issue when there are flammable vapours in the vicinity. It is visually appealing and once again a metal that is durable, chemical and corrosion resistant. However, brass is known to oxidise very quickly unless it is coated with our UV resistant clear coating. Comes in a variety of thickness and is widely specified in the mining industry. Applications for Brass include the following


Asset Labelling

Valve Tags

Compliance Plates

Brand Identification (a particular favourite for timber furniture makers)





What type of process will be best?


The actual engraving of your labels/tags can be done through a number of different processes. These include

Traditional Rotary Engraving - Rotary engraving is when the material is actually cut out using this process. This method uses a computer driven engraving machine with different size cutters or bits (think drill bit) on the head. When this method is used the engraved letters or images can be paint filled giving greater contrast.                                                                                                                          Prior to computers this process was done by hand and then using a Pantograph Machine (think back to when you were a child and you used to trace a pattern or a drawing from a book using a sketch o graph) well these machines were like that on a very big scale. Though rarely used these days they can still be utilised in very special cases

Laser Engraving – Laser engraving, using a Co2 laser is a substantially faster way to engrave most substrates. 

Door and Desk Nameplates

Kathy Vasic - Monday, October 17, 2016


What you need to know when designing and ordering your desk and door nameplates.

There are a number of factors that you should take into account when you begin to design your nameplates prior to ordering them. While you might think a nameplate is just a nameplate it is vitally important to take into consideration the following points to ensure your final product relays your brand and identity, to not only your clients, but your staff also.

  1. What is the actual end result you are looking for?  I.e: the final look and objective behind the nameplate.

  1. Consider your brand, your image, what you want to portray to your clients. How you want your nameplate to look, with a logo, without a logo?

  1. Looking at the design of your office and the colours incorporated in your brand (logo) consider what colour and size will work best with your logo.

  1. The overall dimensions of your nameplate may depend on how they are going to be displayed i.e.: On a desk or on a door. You will need to discuss this with us to determine the sizes of the fixings available. The fixings can be either aluminium slides or a type of timber. If you have a particular look you want to achieve call us and we will work with you to provide you with your final result. We are known for thinking outside the square when something outside the usual is what you are trying to achieTo ensure the longevity of your nameplate it will be best for you to provide us with the type of environment your nameplate will be displayed. For example: Will the nameplate be exposed to full sun, there are many instances when a nameplate is required for an exterior door where it will be exposed to the damaging effects of UV light. Providing us with this information will allow us to determine which process is going to be best suited to you.

These are just  some points to consider when you are designing your name plates, this will make your experience working with us as easy and seamless as possible. 

Choosing the right Metal marking process: Laser engraving, Rotary Engraving, Metal Printing

Peter Vasic - Sunday, July 17, 2016

There are a a number of ways to mark metal. Rotary Engraving ( CNC ) or Laser ablation and our Ceramic Laser Fusion method are but two.

Metal can also be printed via our ESCA-PRINT or META-Print capabilities: ESCA- PRINT is a direct to surface metal printing system: Ideal for exterior labels, nameplates and signs: Over-coated with UV Supershield long life clear.

Meta print is the printing into a clear coating ( polyester ) of images, text or full colour . Meta Print can provide you with photo realistic metal printed labeling for interior applications combined with economy.

The Sun Armor printing system gives quality exterior colour printing capabilities for labels, tags, name-plates and small signage systems. Designed for life ranging from 5 to 10 + years, depending on the positioning of the products

Laser Engraving or our Ceramic Laser Fusion system: Fuses ceramic frit into the Stainless Steel leaving a black indelible mark in the stainless steel. This method is highly popular for volume marking of Stainless steel labels, valves tags or other signs and identification for long life. 

Common uses include Photographic ( monotone reproduction ) of images, artwork or technical details. The ceramic laser fusion is photographic standard in its reproduction, with a permanent finish.

There are a few requirements that must be met in order to Laser engrave or Laser Ablate a surface: Laser ablation is the removal of a coating or surface colour by the means of a Laser. An example is Anodized Aluminium, whether it be labels, tags , nameplates or sign, the Laser ablation method provides high resolution, fast (speeds), accuracy and consistency, laser m arked bare anodized aluminum will leave a low-contrast white mark on a silver background, but a high contrast on coloured Anodizing.

Laser Ablation, Ceramic laser fusion and Laser engraving are not just simple processes and choosing the right substrate combined with the correct marking method, finally over-coated with the best clear finishes are best left to specialist label and name plate manufacturers.

The cheapest price may deliver compromised surfaces, warping of metals, or set the surface up for breakdown due to corrosion. This can occur by a lack of technical understanding of the laser process. Raw metal surfaces can weaken and compromise the protective coating  which makes the metal more susceptible to oxidation and rust.

Laser marking Stainless Steel or other Ferrous metals requires application of a ceramic frit in a predetermined manner, either by spray application or screen printing the coating, to a predetermined thickness. Too thick and the laser must “Burn” excesively and intensely, compromising the metal thereby weakening its mechanical structure and warping the metal.

Always ensure that you have all the correct questions asked of you, or that you ask the correct questions. Producing marked products is not just about the look and feel of the end product, but where the metal will be used. This information can help you find the best materials and best method to deliver the best result.

Once the end result purpose is discovered, it’s time to actually laser engrave the metal substrate. For photo engraving/marking, the higher the resolution, the better the engraving result. So always provide photos with high resolution.

We suggest always starting with the end in mind—what look does the client require, are there any environmental or durability issues you need to be aware of ?  Ensuring the project is processed with the end in mind, helps determine what the best processes and materials are for the project.

Generally the biggest misconception by customers is that metal tends to be very expensive, granted metals have different processing requirements, these may not be so much a pricing issue when purchasing labels in volume due to the economy of scale production processes, quality manufacturers utilize.

There are many metal marking and printing methods available, so do not hesitate to ensure you provide the correct information to determine the best available process for your requirements.

Plaques for Various Purposes

Kristine Gonzalez - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Plaques for Various Purposes


Plaques have a lot of uses and can go a long way in commemorating something or someone special. A plaque that is well made can help make an event more personal. There are many uses for plaques – commemorative, memorial, dedication,military, professional, corporate, historical, trail.


Memorial plaques

Commemorative or memorial plaques honour or are place in remembrance of those loved ones who have passed. When someone close to you has passed away , a  memorial plaque helps to keep the good memories alive. It is a way of showing one’s love, dedication and appreciation for the dearly departed. While most people would use words to commemorate a person or an event, it is also acceptable to have a photo plaque made, which showcases a place, event or moment in time. This can be accompanied with some touching and inspiring words for full effect. Premium Photo plaques made out of various substrates including ; Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminium, Brass or even Premium Cast Bronze Photo memorial plaques are offered by Engraving Services Co. in only the best and finest materials and coatings. The 6mm satin natural anodized aluminium plaques are Marine-grade, are weather and UV resistant and can handle even the toughest weather situations. Sizes come in various options, including 380mm x 280 mm x 6mm, 380 mm x 60 mm x 6mm, 135 mm x 115 mm x 6 mm and 90mm x 63mm x 3mm.


Who says personalized engraved plaques are for people only?  Eternalize the memory of your beloved pet and remember them by having a quality memorial plaque made.


House plaques

House plaques are helpful for guests who wish to locate your residence, and the right plaque can add the perfect touch to make your home the way you want it to be. Engraving Services Co. offers different plaque materials, from brass with dark timber backing that goes through a rigorous finishing process. The same process makes the plaque long standing against the elements. The lettering is hand filled using a 2 pack acrylic urethane, between coats, the plaque is oven fired, giving it a high quality durability that you would expect. Colour fillings can be done in Post Office Red, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Deep Brunswick Green or Black. Other materials that can be used are Faux Cast Brass ( a reverse chemical milled Brass that looks like Cast bronze ) and very popular.


House plaques can also be done in reverse engraved acrylic, which are made from UV resistant acrylic. It is called reverse engraved because the engraving is done on the rear with the face of the acrylic smooth and glossy. Want a little extra personalisation, that something that let’s everyone know your passion, hobby, or personality or something that reflects the style of your home? Simply and a motif to your plaque.


Metal plaques are available in aluminium, brass, cast bronze, stainless steel and also in brushed metal look hi impact acrylic. Stainless steel plaques are either 304 or 316 Marine Grade while Aluminium come in Satin Natural Anodized (Silver) material. Anodised to 25 micron, the aluminium used in plaque-material is durable and weather proof.

Contact Engraving Services Co for your plaque requirements