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House Name Plaques

Peter Vasic - Monday, May 21, 2018
House Name Plates come in a range of styles and finishes. When you are looking to finish off your home whether it be in a contemporary style or a refined heritage finish, ensure you look for the House sign that will deliver the finest reflection of your investment.

Your home is your castle whether it be  a $ 400,000 + Investment or a harbour-side $12,000,000 Mansion. Selecting a house name plate comes down to the type of materials you choose and the way they are going to deliver your stately message or name. 

Options Include:

  • Brass - Brushed or Polished
  • Acrylic and Timber
  • Cast Bronze
  • Cast Aluminium
  • Faux Cast Brass (Cast Bronze Look alike)
  • Faux Cast Aluminium (Cast aluminium look alike)
  • Timber / Wood
A range of various finishes and substrates can deliver the lasting finishing touch to your home or property. ( Shacks, Businesses )

Ensure you receive a proof or layout to ensure your house sign is correct and also determine that colours, finishes and fittings are as specified.

Basics of Shopfront or Business Entrance Design

Peter Vasic - Wednesday, May 02, 2018

From Enquiry to Reality - A Shopfront requirement for Signage

We get this almost every day:  “How much for a sign?”

"How big?" We ask.

“Standard Size, come on just a ball park figure, I wont hold you to it “

This is our daily lot, potential clients simply wanting to hear a dollar amount for a nondescript concept and the cheapest “Sound” the customer hears is the one THEY will investigate further, because they have COMPLETE TRUST that they will receive the best value, service, advice and product from that provider.

It’s only when we begin to ask questions do we find what the customer really wants and often it comes down to a range of requirements. I need someone who will design, produce layouts and conceptual drawings, meet my need for a “Look” and “Identity”, and ensure my shopfront or business entrance concept is ideal for my needs.

All that from “ How much is a sign?”

Our core thrust as a business is to provide a holistic approach to every inquiry and as a result a simple request for a sign is taken in a much more serious fashion, so as to determine the customers exact needs. The end result are the considerations that must be taken into account when determining; How will the required signage be required to deliver the message it must deliver on site/location, how will it stand up to the rigors of its environment and how dimensional does it need to be to meet the customers minds’ eye picture.  After all the customer has stepped into our sign design studio and the very least we can do is deliver an experience that reflects our profession and also gives the very best value and image the customer is really looking for.

Our perception as a company is based on the premise that we provide the best shopfront designer experience to our clients. At the forefront of our interactions is the understanding that our clients want to see how a 2 Dimensional image on paper or in their minds can be transformed into a 3 Dimensional reality, with a locational physical presence.  This is the basic underpinning of our service and as a result our expertise and developmental judgement is utilized to its full potential to ensure that our client is walked through the fundamentals that they in turn deliver to them the very best potential for the best design and identity they require.

Marine Safety Signage by Pirate Pete

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Pirate Pete Talks about IMO ( International Maritime Organization ) Standards Quality Safety Signage, Name plates, Labels, Photo luminescent labels ( Glow in the Dark) for Ship building, Marine and off shore applications.

Click on the Link below to see what Pirate Pete has to say about Marine identification products

"R" Rated Desk Name plates with Fat Tony

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Adults only Desk name plate -r rated -"fucker in charge of you fucking fucks"

The r rated adults only series  of desk name plates are designed for the boss in your life that you love to hate introduced by fat tony

follow the link below to see fat tony's take on the unique gift idea for your beloved boss.....the "fucker in charge of you fucking fucks"


Humour Series : Fat Tony and Car Gauges Part 2

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Humour Series: Fat Tony's Long Video about his Car and Dash gauge cluster Restoration:

Fat Tony loves all cars and is passionate about Car Gauges and restoring them. This longer version Video  explains his love of Car Gauge Restoration.

Click on the Link below to see how passionate Fat Tony is about car gauges !

Humour Series: Car Dash Gauges with Fat Tony

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Humour Series: Fat Tony Talks Car dials and Gauges Restoration & Refurbishment.

Fat Tony is passionate about cars all cars, Veteran, Vintage, Classic, Street Machine, Hot Rods, Restorations and is eager to let you know about the stunningly exquisite restoration capabilities available at Engraving Services Co.

Click on the link below to see the short video about Car Gauge restorations. 


Humour Series: Sergei Popachekoff talks Leaderboard Modular Sign Systems

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Humour Series: Sergei Popachekoff talks Leaderboard Modular Sign Systems for Engraving Services Co.
Leader board is a modular sign system for offices, office buildings, medical centres, legal practices, schools, universities, hotels, motels.

Click on the Link below to see Sergei talk Leaderboard.


Humour Series: Aerospace Labels with Chuck Jablonski

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Humour Series : Chuck Jablonski from the mighty high flying Jablonski Brothers talks Aerospace labels, Marking, Parts Decoration and Milspec for Engraving Services Co.

Click on the Link to hear Chuck.


Humour Series: Viktor Popachekoff talks Traffolyte labels

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

HumoUr Series: Viktor Popachekoff talks Traffolyte labels


Simply click the hyperlink below to listen to Viktor.


Humour Series :Printed Mugs: With Baron Von Fartzoonpoopen

Peter Vasic - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Printed Mugs; With Baron Von Fartzoonpoopen