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Engraving Services Co; Suppliers to The Defence industry in Australia for decades: Manufacturers of name plates, control panels, cast metal plaques and labels. Our services to the Defence sector include Direct liaison and also manufacturing and marking for Primes and SME’s.Services we offer are: Engraving, Laser cutting and marking, Photo Chemical milling ( Acid etching ), Screen printing, Metal printing, Light metal fabrication, Spray painting. Specialists with a range of metals including: Stainless Steel , Phosphor Bronze, Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, Alloys.Defence Recognised Supplier Status ( D.R.S.S.)
The rugged requirements of the mining industry have been the mainstay of Engraving Services Co since 1968: Manufacturers of name plates and printed metals, we provide products such as Valve Tags, Safety Signage, Metal Plaques,Control Panels & Directory Systems direct to some of the largest names in mining and mining supply companies. Reliable, tough and guaranteed products.Name Plates & Engraved Labels provide the best means of presenting your image to customers, suppliers, staff and all stakeholders.We manufacture Traffolyte label or metal Custom Made Name Plates & Labels in various shapes and lengths, in small and large quantities.
Manufacturing, Engineering, Electronics, Electrical , Automation; ESC are partners in various processes of identification to a broad range of industries: Parts marking, specialist labels be it stainless steel labels or Traffolyte labels or any other substrate, Large format Photo Chemical milling and laser marking. We specialise in the toughest marking jobs and applications, whether its engraving into hardened tool steels or supplying name plates for machinery, ESC can assist you.
ESC are proud manufacturers of the Leaderboard modular directory system: a proudly Australian designed and produced product: Suppliers of door and desk name plates, office and reception signage, point of sale and counter signs, Brass plaques, Recognition Plaques, rubber stamps and paper embossers; ESC have proudly supplied all tiers of Government with their office identification requirements for decades: from Name Badges to Corporate signage: See us for corporate awards, plaques, cast bronze plaques, heritage and commemorative plaques today.Need a custom personalized desk wedge or desk name plate for your office? A personalised desk name plate for your desk/door name to give your office the quality recognition it deserves. Great gift for any office personnel, teacher or administrator.These desk wedge and name plates come in a variety of styles go for a simple desk wedge or nameplate design.We can supply various types of Engraved Nameplates, Desk Nameplates & Door Nameplates.We can supply: Memorial Plaques, Commemorative Plaques, Historical Plaques, Trail Plaques, Pet Plaques, Identification Plaques, Cast Plaques, Interpretive Plaques, and Garden Memorial Plaques.
Identification in the most aggressive environments must be immediate: ESC produce a range of extremely robust identification tags, plaques, name plates and signage with the rigours of remote and highly aggressive environments in mind: Specialists in the production of 316 Marine Grade ID tags and signs. Highly corrosion resistant and extremely tough for the roughest of conditions.

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